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My Diaper Free Baby (Elimination Communication)

Our little baby boy is growing so fast and learning so much every day. It’s hard to believe he is almost six months old already! This experience as a new mother is amazing beyond words, he teaches me new things about life every day.


From the moment we realized I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to take a very natural and intuitive approach to parenting. I ate well, didn’t get ultrasounds, had minimal testing, and birthed naturally. We breastfeed, never use a bottle, co-sleep, and do everything together as a team. We spent most of that first month at home, naked most of the time, a lot of time spent diaper free just carrying a cloth diaper under his bum. My intuition told me that diapers weren’t necessary, but when we started going out more frequently, we started using cloth diapers regularly. Convenience was the biggest reason, and also a lack of faith in my ability to know his elimination needs.

This boy is absolutely amazing to me. He is so happy, talkative, active, and when he is sad there is a distinct reason for it. If I’m paying close attention, he tells me what he needs. He knows when he is hungry, he knows when he is full, he communicated to me when he was ready to try solid foods, and the same holds true for poops and pees. He knows when he has to go and if I slow down long enough to pay attention, I notice his cues.

Throughout the last five months I have had periods where he’s diaper free while we are home, but when we go out and during the night he always has a diaper. But something in my heart tells me it just isn’t right to have him wearing a portable toilet. He doesn’t like being wet and it’s difficult to avoid sometimes. It’s definitely not hygienic and to me, it seems more loving to be attentive to his needs before he goes, instead of after.

I bought a book to help me gain a little more confidence to take the leap into diaper freedom once and for all! It’s called Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer and I highly recommend it to any mother whether she is considering diaper freedom or not. I started reading it a few days ago and since then Kalani has been diaper free during the day when we are here at home. I still use diapers at night and when we go out, but I am already starting feel a lot more confident and I’m sure we will be completely diaper free soon.

A common misconception is that babies don’t know when they have to go potty and even if they did know, there is no way that they would be able to tell parents. This is completely false! Babies do know when they have to go and they do give signals. What happens is that most babies become accustomed to wearing diapers and being wet, so they stop making those signals because parents don’t respond to them. From the beginning I have noticed that Kalani will make a little cue when he has to pee or poop, but they are small like a squirm or a grunt so if i’m not super tuned in, I miss it. Since committing more to being diaper free, I have become much more aware of his cues. Not only that, but he also responds to my cues! I take him outside to pee and hold him in a semi squat position while I make a hissing sound. This indicates to him that it’s time to pee and he responds by peeing. Babies are so aware and communicate in various ways when we open our minds to it and accept our intuition.

Throughout India, Africa, and South America there are many mothers who never used diapers with their babies and they are completely in tune with their child’s elimination needs. They have a very close bond with their baby and they respond immediately when the child needs anything. In Western societies we have become very distant from that closeness over the years. There are countless things that rip our attention away from our children and families so we must make a very conscious effort to create a different reality for ourselves. It’s a long and arduous journey, but worth every moment for us.

Do you have experience with elimination communication? Please share your thoughts!


Roots Apothecary – the new website


I’m so thrilled to announce that I have finally opened a stand-alone real life website for my herbal business – Roots Apothecary!! It’s been a dream of mine for some time, but I’ve felt overwhelmed by the idea and kept putting it off. I have been selling in two shops on etsy for a few years now and it’s been a great outlet for me because they do all the grunt work and all I have to do is import pictures and descriptions. It’s been great! Until… they told me that some of my products are against their regulations. This happened to be my two best selling products – herbal smoking blends. I was a little upset about this at first, but it was the final push I needed to get going in the direction to build my own website. It’s been a lot of work and there’s still much more work to be done, but it’s looking good.

Check it out and let me know what you think –

I also just sent out my first newsletter which you can see here -

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When to Feed Baby Solid Foods

Our sweet little Kalani is almost five months old already & it’s true when people say they grow up fast… He’s already starting to eat solid food! There’s much debate about when to start feeding babies and what they should eat, so how do you when your baby is ready?

The thought was a little icky at first since I have exclusively breastfed since the beginning, not even one bottle. But we knew it was time because we allow Kalani to be fully present with us in everything we do. He sleeps with us in our bed at night, when I worked for a couple of months at the office I took him with me, he came along to plant trees with us at the farm yesterday, and he is always with us at every meal unless he’s sleeping. We don’t use special seats or baby tables, he sits right there with me at the table.

For the first four months or so, this was really easy to do because he didn’t show much interest in the food. I could just lay him down or set him up while I ate without a fuss. A couple of weeks ago he started showing an interest in what I was eating! He would grab my plate or put his hands into my food and then put his hands to his face. That was my cue.

We are starting really slow, introducing new and different foods gently. I began by just letting him lick little things off my finger. If he showed interest in my food, I let him try a lick. He’s tried yogurt, tomato sauce, smoothie, etc. Always just a little lick and I pay close attention to his expression to know what he thinks and I trust that he instinctively knows what is good for him.

The first food we gave him a full serving of was apple sauce that I made and canned myself from apples we harvested from a friend’s orchard last fall. This was the perfect food since I was part of the processing from start to finish and the apples were grown by a friend organically and with love. He thoroughly enjoyed it! The first time we fed him, we gave him 3 little spoonfuls and he took it down really well. The second time he got a little more. We have also given him a little homemade yogurt that I make from local raw organic cow’s milk, and some pre-chewed fruit (kiwi and pineapple).

To know what to feed him, I’m going by my intuition and knowledge of nutrition. Grains are difficult for babies to digest because they do not have a sufficient amount of amylase, the enzyme in our digestive system which assimilates grains. Whole foods like fruits, veggies, dairy, eggs, and meats can be a lot easier to digest and high in nutritional value when sourced locally and properly prepared.

So how do you know when your baby is ready? Just watch for the cues that your baby is interested in what you’re eating! Baby will let you know when they want to try solid foods if you pay attention. Start slow, make sure the foods are really mushy until baby has teeth, and feed baby foods that are easy to digest.

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Joel Salatin responds to New York Times’ ‘Myth of Sustainable Meat’


Meat can be sustainable when raised with respect for the creatures. If you don’t agree, I highly recommend reading some of Joel Salatin’s books.

Originally posted on Grist:

The following post originally appeared on the Polyface Farms Facebook page.

Cows at Polyface Farm. Photo by Amber Karnes.

The recent editorial by James McWilliams, titled “The Myth of Sustainable Meat,” contains enough factual errors and skewed assumptions to fill a book, and normally I would dismiss this out of hand as too much nonsense to merit a response. But since it specifically mentioned Polyface, a rebuttal is appropriate. For a more comprehensive rebuttal, read the book Folks, This Ain’t Normal.

Let’s go point by point. First, that grass-grazing cows emit more methane than grain-fed ones. This is factually false. Actually, the amount of methane emitted by fermentation is the same whether it occurs in the cow or outside. Whether the feed is eaten by an herbivore or left to rot on its own, the methane generated is identical. Wetlands emit some 95 percent of all methane in the world; herbivores are…

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I Sleep With My Baby, my co-sleeping experience

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Sleeping with baby is a very popular topic these days. There are the attachment parenting advocates who praise co-sleeping and baby-wearing, and there are the conspiracy pushers who say that co-sleeping causes SIDS… I won’t even go there. I’m just going to tell you about my experience.

My sweet little angel, Kalani Rain, is now 3 months old and we have co-slept in the same bed since he was born. It may not be for everybody, but for our budding family it has been absolutely wonderful and such a vital bonding experience. It’s an instinctual thing for me to sleep next to my child. I feel his every move, he wakes me with the lightest touch if he needs anything and I’m right there for him immediately. Super safe, super cozy.

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There is a certain way that I have learned to sleep so that little Kalani is comfortable and safe. Our bed is against a wall so I sleep on that side with him either between me and the wall or between his daddy and I. He curls up right by my side snuggled up to my booby. We sleep on a futon bed so it’s not very big, but it’s just big enough for the three of us.

I can’t even imagine having to get out of bed at night to feed a crying baby. It’s no wonder so many mamas experience sleep deprivation. Our little one just gives me some gentle nudges and grunts to let me know he’s hungry. Half asleep, I shift a boob towards him, he latches on, and I fall back to sleep. No sleepless nights for us! What could be better?

There is only one con that I can think of, and really it’s daddy’s complaint not mine. :) Papa and I don’t have as much cuddle time as we used to. Neither of us feel like our love life is suffering though, we just adapt. When baby falls asleep I can turn around and cuddle up to Carlos and we get plenty of cuddles in throughout the day.

Traditionally, in most cultures families sleep together. There is no reason to be fearful of it or frown upon it. It’s instinctual, natural, and a beautiful experience that I advise any mama to try.

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Journey into Divine Healing


Several moons ago I had the pleasure of meeting a very interesting and wonderful couple outside of a local coffee shop where I was facilitating a Free School class. One of them is a very talented, professional massage therapist who I just adore spending time with. Her husband is a Divine Healer, very different from the energy healers I have met. This was the beginning of an enlightening new chapter in my life. It was destiny.

As we got to know eachother a little better, Ginelle and Christopher began volunteering their space and energy to the Free School and I began working with them at their office. A beautiful collaboration. I have felt a deep connection with this planet throughout my whole life and those feelings, that KNOWING, has continued to grow and grow with each moment. Over the past few years I have began to see the more full picture, my connection with the universe and all the galaxies, the everything… we are all one. This Divine Healing was new to me though. I was not familiar with the Angelic Realms and the true power of light.

Although I went to an Episcopal Montessori School when I was young, I did not feel a connection to the Christian religions that I had experienced. They seemed too restrictive, too many rules and too many judgments. God is love, unconditional love. Religions seem to forget that and attend to their own egotistical agendas. God is beyond religion and egos. Angels are real. Demons are real.

I worked in the office listening to Christopher perform his healings over the phone to many grateful individuals who I often spoke to myself. In my mind I asked myself “How can he heal someone over the phone?” “What is he doing?” Somehow I had faith that what he does is real. I didn’t truly understand until he worked with my mom.

My mama was sick for most of her life with emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical struggles. For many of her years she battled with alcoholism and by the time Christopher met her she had very severe kidney damage and liver cirrhosis. The hospice was coming by twice a week to see her. On the night I called Christopher, my mom had traveled to another place in her mind. Her body was with us, but her mind was not here. Her only words were “Help Me” repeated over and over again all day long. She needed help going to the bathroom, help getting up, and everytime she sat down she tried to get up again. The hospice brought her Morphine… they thought it was her end. She walked to the southern-most corner of our apartment and stared. She walked outside and put her bare feet on the grass when no one was looking, something she had never done. We thought she was going to meet her Maker, but something in her was holding on. Finally it hit me to call Christopher who told me that her Higher Self was not ready to go. He came over as she lay in bed and he performed the Healing.

My dad and I were both in the room with her and we felt it. I felt a beautiful feeling of light and of love. The room was filled with beautiful entities, my intuition sensed it. The Angelic Beings were at work. It is the Angels who heal. We felt an amazing feeling of hope and faith and peace. Only good feelings after a day of madness.

Later that night, my mama formed full sentences and was back in our reality. She was still very sick, but she felt hope and felt the angels who were with her. She had not expressed feelings of hope to any of us in years. This was amazing. She told me that she wanted to live. Words she hadn’t said honestly in many years.

My mama decided to keep getting Divine Healing. It felt great to her, it helped, it gave her hope and most of all it gave her faith. Faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that the Angels are real… that God is real. My mother passed away 3 weeks after she began her Divine Healing sessions. A week before she left this realm, she confided to me that the reason she did not leave us before is that she was afraid to die… she did not have faith. Christopher gave her faith and put her in the hands of God. I am endlessly grateful for this and my mother’s passing was perfectly timed and beautifully orchestrated by the universe. I trust in Christopher’s gift.

I am now receiving healing for myself. For years I have battled with food sensitivities, leaky gut, candida, shoulder and neck pains, low energy levels at times, etc. During my pregnancy I had to seriously restrict my gluten consumption and when I had little baby Kalani, I completely cut it out due to the way it was affecting him. Then I gave up dairy… For those who know me, you know I consume only grass-fed, raw, living dairy. Then Kalani and I still had issues so I started looking into elimination diets and the GAPS diet. It was tiring and all felt so negative to me. So I went in for my Diving Healing session with Christopher.

He cleansed my chakras and meridians and removed a Negative Entity latched onto my right shoulder, where I have felt problems and pains for several years. I felt the Angels in my womb, re-balancing the trauma of birth. I felt myself floating and at complete peace, in a state of bliss. My fingers and toes tingled, my intestines felt warm and fuzzy. Something was definitely at work within my body, mind, and spirit. The Angels were at work.

After the healing, my shoulder and neck felt completely pain free and I felt light, confident, and completely positive. Now, days later, I feel wonderful still. The other day I decided to partake in a homemade cinnamon bun, gluten sugar and all… Kalani and I remain problem-free! I still have a couple of healing sessions to completely mend the damage and bring me back into balance. Then I can go back to eating a healthy, holistic, gracious diet. The food I consume is mainly organic and locally sourced, knowing and understanding my food is a commitment I made years ago.  I rejoice in food, growing preparing and eating it. Soon I will be able to consume the things I love again, all the healthy foods I love.

The Divine Healing also cleaned my heart chakra and I have a stronger love for all things and a stronger self control, as well as my light spirit. It is amazing.

To learn more about Christopher Macklin, please visit his website.

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My Natural Childbirth Experience


Birthing my baby naturally without interference from any medical assistance was my plan from the beginning. Giving birth is something that the female spirit has been doing since the dawn of time, it is the very definition of natural. In our culture, however, we have become very separated from the un-clean, bloody, rawness that is giving birth. We are “protected” from all that. Personally, I had only seen birth in videos. I have seen the horrible, screaming women hooked up to tubes being wheeled around hospitals and I have seen the orgasmic and peaceful births of women with midwives giving birth at home, at birth centers, or in the ocean… Of course I wanted that perfect, peaceful, maybe even orgasmic birth! But it turned out to be way more intense than I imagined… Let me just say, women are ferocious and powerful forces of nature!!

It all started around 1:30am on October 29, 2013. I woke up and felt very cramped in my lower abdomen. At first I thought I was constipated… then I pooped… a lot. I was in labor!!! My surges (contractions) were mild, but from the very beginning they were happening every 5-7 minutes and sometimes only 3 minutes apart. I tried to go back to sleep but every time I laid down I felt totally horrible so I decided to get something to eat and take a bath. It felt way better to be moving After an hour or so, I woke my partner Carlos to let him know what’s going on. It was pretty smooth sailing and I was handling the surges really well.

Since I opted out of taking the mandatory beta strep test in September, our midwife had to quit seeing me. She was prohibited by the state of Arkansas to assist me in the birth of my child. I was not “allowed” to have an “out-of-hospital” birth. I still had my doula though, and I felt comfortable with giving birth on my own. It was time! I let my fabulous doula Annie know that I was in labor and kept her posted throughout the morning. Around 10am my dad took me and Carlos over to our friend’s cabin in the woods. Our plan was to have the birth in this beautiful cabin with woods to stroll in, a birth ball to sit on, a wonderful jetted tub, kitchen to cook, nice open space… everything I need.

This cabin was so perfect and beautiful and with my amazing birthing companions there, things were going beautifully. Annie came over around 11am and by noon, it was getting a little more intense. I took walks, sat on the ball, got in the tub. All of these things helped. During really tough surges, it helped me a lot to sway my hips in a circle and make low humming sounds or growls with a relaxed, open mouth. All of this helps to open up the birth canal.I was doing great.

Eventually a reality hit me and fear struck in. Around 7pm I felt like I hadn’t opened considerably in a few hours and I felt stuck. No one there knew how to check my dilation, there was no midwife or doctor to tell me things are okay.. just my faith in knowing that I can do it. For a long time I had total faith, but then I began to question myself. I began having doubts. We called my midwife in Arkansas to see if she could come to me or help us in some way, but she couldn’t do it. She was a total downer, fearful of our abilities, and her advice was that I go to the hospital. Of course this scared me even more.

Although I had this intellectual knowledge that women are perfectly able to birth unassisted, I am still conditioned like anyone else in our modern day civilized society to think that we need help. I knew that I could do it, but in my heart there was fear. So I decided to go to the hospital about 8:30pm. Once I decided to do that, my water began to break and I felt a lot more open but the fear was still there… so we went.

We got there around 8:45pm and I was fully dilated. I was a wreck at the hospital. It did nothing to ease my discomfort or pain. I was yelling, not following any of their wild instructions (like sitting and laying) and I just felt out of control. But I did it and my perfect baby boy was born at 9:18pm! I did it without pain killers and without much medical intervention and I learned so much from my experience.

Doubt and fear create the environment that allows pain in. Next time I will definitely have a trained midwife to guide me and offer me comfort that everything is perfect. Because it was.

Congratulations Kalani Rain Gabriel Fleck-Ferrer, you have joined us here on earth and you are in for a beautiful experience.


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