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Sharing Primitive Skills

We have a new member of Rising Roots Collective, our worker-run collective based at Oran Mor Community where I live. We are so happy to welcome Keven Statwick, a primitive skills artist and teacher!!


He has been involved with teaching and demonstrating primitive skills since 1998. He works with local organizations like the Boy Scouts and Oran Mor Community to share the wisdom and knowledge of primitive peoples so we can carry these valuable skills on with us. Among other things, Keven is skilled at making and using bows and arrows, primitive pottery, flint knapped arrow points, stone knives, leather tanning, drums, and he even welds beautiful metalworks!

Keven frequently joins us at Oran Mor Community to help with work projects and to share skills with us here. We plan to have a Pottery Making class this year and he would love to share knowledge on any of these skills. Please feel free to contact us if you have a particular interest in primitive skills so we can plan a class or workshop!

Contact us at 417-250-9252 or

See Keven’s work on etsy here –

And check it out in person at Farm Fork and Fiddle, a local co-op shop in Gainesville, MO.



Amazing Artists

Being the small business owner and handmade crafter that I am, I just LOVE finding new talent and supporting other small businesses! I spend a lot of my time on – working on adding listings, tweaking my SEO, learning from awesome people on the forums, and recently I started my own Etsy TEAM! We call ourselves Positive Empowerment and you are invited to join us.

Today I want to share with you some Amazing Artists from our team.

ImageKyria Kalata is a life coach who sews beautiful children’s clothing and she makes adorable jewelry! In her shop, Duchess Boutique, you will find a variety of helpful planning sheets and workbooks that can help you organize and simplify your life.


1 Year Goal Planner

Next meet Cheryl Barnet of Cherendipity


Fiber Art Plum Designer Purse

I am so enamored with her one of a kind, totally unique designs! Cheryl uses a variety of natural and organic textiles for many of her designs. She loves implementing lots of texture and vivid colors to create her amazing handmade purses.


Unique Red and White Shoulder Bag.. perfect for Valentine’s Day!

And last but definitely not least, we have a girl who is after my own heart. Her name is Celeste and she’s a theater girl and makes gorgeous crochet apparel!


Black Lace Crochet Shawl


Adorable Pink Crochet Slippers

Thank you to all of my wonderful teammates for being joyful and amazing! I love you all! Thank you readers for supporting me and supporting handmade small businesses! We are making names for ourselves and it’s all thanks to the amazing support from every person who takes the time to shop handmade!




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Giveaway – Win a Hand Painted Wood Brooch!!


This adorable wood brooch could soon be yours!

One day I was walking in the woods when I found this beautiful freshly fallen Cedar pine branch. I was hit with a jolt of inspiration to turn this branch into something wearable and artistic! So I took it home and with the help of my love Carlos, we cut it into pieces. Then I got to decorate each of them and create these awesome one of kind works of art on each one! They are preserved with all natural linseed oil and smell refreshing like a woodland hike!


Go to this link

It’s simple. Just like my FB page and then click the big ENTER button!

Have a fabulous day full of joy and love!

Desiree xoxo

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Branding my Handmade Business

Lately I have been putting a lot of thought towards my small business in hopes of writing up a sort of business plan and growing more prosperous with it in the future. Right now I feel like it’s all pretty mysterious…


Branding is what sets a company apart from everyone else, so when somebody sees my website, online shop, blog, business card, etc. they know it’s Re-Grow Roots (my business)! Right now my branding is totally incohesive. Snce it’s been done a million times before, I have been looking for advice online. I found a wonderful article on here – Handmade Business Branding

Step 1 // Write a mission statement. This is what I came up with…

I believe that change is a powerful and necessary element of life and each of us has the ability to create a positive environment. What we buy and how we live our life effects the world around us. That is why I am dedicated to creating handmade, eco friendly clothing, accessories, and art to uplift your mind, body, and soul.

What do you think??

Step 2 // Describe your products.

Natural, handmade apparel, accessories, and art made with love for the hippie, bohemian, and folk at heart.

Step 3 // Describe your target market.

This is something I am still gaining insight into, so it’s in the works but I have a few people in mind… men and women ages 18-35, nature lovers, environmentalists, bohemians, income level??

I found this wonderful article about envisioning your target market –

Step 4 // Business or Product Name

Re-Grow Roots

Step 5 // Tagline – A short message that conveys your mission statement

Handmade crafts for the hippie, bohemian, and folk at heart.

Eco-friendly handmade apparel, accessories, and art for the heart.

Hmm… I want something sorta catchy that really speaks to the heart and soul of every revolutionary environmentalist! I feel like this business is an extension of my life and my life is a revolutionary thing. 🙂 Maybe I’m thinking too hard… so I’ll call it a day for now.

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Handmade Salvaged Wood Brooches / Pins

On a walk in the woods several months ago, when Summer was in full swing, I found a beautiful freshly fallen Cedar branch laying on the forest floor. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between me and many itty bitty pieces of wood!


Painting on wood is very tranquil and serene to me. To make a craft from a natural piece of the earth, unaltered by any machines, is grounding. Here they are unpainted and unfinished…


My wonderful boyfriend helps me cut the branches into little slices. Then I hand sand them (that’s a piece of sandpaper in the shadow there), paint them, preserve them with all natural pure linseed oil, and attach a beautiful brass brooch back.



ImageThese lovely brooches are for sale in my etsy shop here –

Have a beautiful and prosperous day!


Love what you do and NEVER GIVE UP!

I have a small business that I have been building up, perfecting, and loving for a few years now but I only recently began taking it seriously. For a while, it was more like a hobby because I truly do what I love to do, and I wasn’t making much money at it… so it was just for fun. I feel like I’m still building my foundation even now, but I have come a long way! I truly look at myself as a designer now and I view my “hobby” as a business… a SUPER FUN business!


I used to get down because I would spend hours a day learning and changing my SEO (search engine optimization), retaking photos, always changing this and that… and it would lead to very few sales. I felt like I was wasting my time. But whenever those feelings happened, I knew it was time to take a break and go for a walk or have a cup of tea on the patio.. something calming to clear my mind. Then I would remind myself that I am doing what I love to do because I love to do it, and not just to make money.


Money is a tool. It is just one possible way to attain what we need or want. The universe offers us ENDLESS possibilities so it usually does not help to sit and try to figure out HOW to make something happen. It’s best to just focus our energy on the result, and not how to attain. To me, a business plan is a waste of time. All the most amazing moments in my life have been totally unplanned. And today… I received a $500 wholesale order from my shop totally out of the blue!!


Lately I have been creating gifts for friends and family, rejoicing in what I love doing. I haven’t been thinking much about selling, just adding to my etsy whenever I feel the mood come on. I have been working towards achieving my goals – a community garden, finding healthy local food, playing music, and most recently we have been looking for an RV. I haven’t been concerned with how to get any of these things, but just doing it, living… and they all work out! A $500 wholesale order! WHOA! This is awesome. The site is – check it out, very cool stuff. The owner sells fair trade, eco-friendly apparel from around the world.


I am so grateful! 🙂