Re-Grow Roots

Learning to live harmoniously in Missouri.

About Me // Desiree

Once upon a time we were all pagans, country folk, living in tribal settings as a community and sharing our skills with one another. We breathed clean air, drank water from streams, and spent our days nourishing  and loving ourselves and the community. I yearn to bring this utopia into my present life by cultivating my skills and sharing them every way that I can think of. My world is a mirror image of myself so I create an image of love and gratitude all around me to the best of my abilities. I am constantly learning and building upon my foundation and I always open to new ideas.

I wrote a blog post about how I got to wear I am now – History of my Passion for Food and Life

My mantra ~ I am abundant love, joy, and healer.

5 thoughts on “About Me // Desiree

  1. Desiree, I found you through Milkwood’s mushroom blog! (Love their blog!) What you are doing is so natural and I wish you much success! I hope you will scoot over to check out my web show and blog, Late Bloomer. I’ve made 23 episodes since Earth Day 2012. First time gardener, I ripped out my front yard in Los Angeles a year ago, and began growing food, and I’m now hooked! I wish I was younger, but I’m doing it now, thus the name Late Bloomer. I see you are on Environmental Blogs. I went over to check it out, wanted to sign up, but there is no category for growing your own food, even gardening. And when I saw your page, it was full of spam comments, so I wonder whether it’s worth it. What do you think? Good luck in Missouri! – Kaye

    • That is so cool that you tore out your yard to make a food garden!! It is absolutely wonderful to grow your own food, I love it so much! I’ll check out your blog and show shortly. 🙂 I haven’t logged into environmental blogs in a while, never put it to use really. The avenues that have gotten me a lot of traffic are blog link ups and a post that went viral on Pinterest. I’m looking forward to warmer days so I can get started on our gardens! The snow has been a blessing though.

  2. Hey Desiree – found you from the Mothers Organic blog. I like your blog! Just saying hi…

  3. Desiree,

    Would you be interested/able to help me create an herbal extract/ticture that I can use to vaporize?

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