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Blogging for GMO Awareness !!

From new friendships come amazing new opportunities and adventures! Every situation can shine a light on something new and direct us in a different, exciting direction.

I recently met a very inspirational friend online, a writer by the name of Michael Kinnaird. He found my blog and we really hit it off from the start. He shares my deep passion for living a harmonious life with our Mama Earth, growing our own food, respecting our resources, and motivating people to walk a natural path in their life. He is the author of Habit Guide, a guide to being happy and healthy…. and little did I know at the time, he is one of the masterminds behind GMO Awareness.

You may have heard of GMO Awareness on Facebook where they have over 11,000 likes.I was following their FB page long before I knew who Michael Kinnaird was! Moving onto the point of my story and what I’m so excited about… Michael has asked me to write for GMO Awareness! I was so thrilled I wrote my first article right away and it is full of awesome information! Check it out and give it some love.


How to Keep Monsanto Out of Your Garden

How to Keep Monsanto Out of Your Home Garden

Writing is something that has always come naturally to me, and writing about my passions and beliefs is what I love more than anything. To write for this amazing effort of enlightening people to the truths of GMO is a task that I’m thrilled to commit time to! I feel like this is the beginning of something wonderful for me… not sure exactly what is yet, but I believe it involves writing and sharing knowledge and power with others. I’ll keep you posted as I go along on my journey. 🙂

PS. It’s snowing outside my window in the beginning of May in Missouri. Is this an Ice Age?


How to Say NO to GMO

I’m not into politics and voting in this country anymore because of how defiant our government is. The government disregards our own constitution frequently and all they care about is money. They are run by corporations. So I’ll admit that I didn’t vote yesterday. I did cast a mental vote for one thing – Prop 37. This proposition would have made it necessary for Genetically Modified foods to be labeled on all products in California. Sad to say, it failed. But all is not lost! We have the ability, as consumers, to understand what is in the products that we eat and feed to our families. We can learn which foods are GMO and what those foods are turned into. We can only buy foods from companies that we trust, buy more WHOLE and ORGANIC foods, and best off all – BUY LOCAL!!



  • corn
  • soybeans
  • canola
  • sugar beets
  • hawaiian papaya
  • small amount of zucchini and crookneck squash

If a food contains “sugar” and not “pure cane sugar”, it is most likely GM sugar beets.

Most dairy cows are injected with GM bovine growth hormone. Look for dairy labeled “No rBGH” or “No rBST”.

Nearly all livestock is fed GM grains – corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. Buy organic or local meat. Lately I have been volunteering at local farms where I can actually meet the animals, see what they eat, and process them myself. I realize many of you won’t be able to do that, but you can visit your local farmers market and speak to the farmers.

You are what you eat.

Here are a few sites that can help you learn more about GMO foods –