Re-Grow Roots

Learning to live harmoniously in Missouri.


Hurricane Sandy – Love and Positive Thoughts

Hurricane Sandy is a totally huge superstorm that is just going nuts on the east coast of North America. I have looked at some photos of the storm from satellites and it’s just incredible how huge this girl is! I am fascinated by the weather.

I send much love and safe thoughts to all those people living in the storm’s path. I hope you all find safety and well being wherever you end up. To the storm, I also send my love and positive thoughts. To me, this is a way for Mother Earth to cleanse some of the toxins we have dumped all over her. The water cycle is a powerful source of cleansing out the bad and rejuvenating the good. It is great for the ocean, the lakes and rivers, streams and creeks, and the ground and atmosphere too. The water is beautiful and amazing.

Positive thoughts are so powerful. We create our own destiny with the power of thought. We have the power to create a loving, beautiful environment or a hostile, hateful environment. I create beauty and love. 🙂


Symbiotic Relationships

a beautiful young carrot

I have been thinking about the symbiotic relationship between all things

The Dalai Lama says that I should not look at one thing as just THAT thing. For example a door is not just a door. There is a hole in the wall in front of me, strategically placed so that if I go through it I will end up in the hallway that leads to the bathroom, my parents room, the living room, and beyond that… the outside world! So in this hole in the wall stands a door that fits just perfectly and is held up with hinges on the top and bottom to swing in and out… etc etc etc. So the door is not just a door. It exists as a door because of all the other factors.

This is like everything in the universe. It all exists because everything else exists. When one thing disappears, other things disappear. This allows new things to grow. There is no emptiness, only opportunity.

Emptying my mind allows creativity in. It is not empty, but an opportunity for brand new thoughts to swim, fly, hop… skip sing paint frollick dance yell laugh squeak.