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SWMO Free School


Have you heard of a free school or free sKool? While I was traveling up the Pacific coast in 2011 with my hunky love Carlos, we visited several towns that offered free classes of all sorts. In Santa Cruz, CA there was bread baking and how to make goat cheese. In Olympia, WA we found sign language class and free jazz. In San Francisco there’s a circus school! If anything in this world should be free, food and information above all else! We all deserve to survive and THRIVE happily and magnificently.

Fast forward to the present – we’re living in southwest Missouri, Branson to be specific. The daffodils are in bloom, our lettuce and carrots are sprouting in the garden, Spring is on it’s way… Get ready for the Southwest Missouri FREE SKOOL, starting April 1st at Vintage Paris in Hollister! If you live in the area, please stop by Vintage Paris to grab a calender and check out some classes!

It was so easy to make this happen. I recognize the beautiful gifts in the people I meet around me, so I asked some folks if they’d be into teaching a class. All classes are free to anyone interested in learning and sharing. Vintage Paris is a fantastic local coffee shop owned by our friends Jessica and Matt. They are all about gathering the community and creating a beautiful area where we all know and help one another! It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyone can start a free school! You could ask your local library if they have a community space to offer classes. Many local business owners are interested in offering community activities that will create local bonds. It’s a great way to stimulate local business too! We are so thrilled to get this started!!

We are kicking things off on April 1st with a SEED EXCHANGE from 5 – 7pm. Every Tuesday of the month from 1-3pm come in for Herbalism 101 with Lisa Lee. She is a certified herbalist and will be teaching the basics of making herbal remedies! On Wednesdays we have hooping class with Sean Rae Von from 4-5pm. On Thursdays we have Winder Lyons teaching Kundalini Yoga – Union with God and Saturdays I will be hosting a Crochet Group from 3-5pm.

Are there any free schools in your area? Do you attend or teach any free classes?

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Accepting Change and Dreaming

Life is always changing, the world is always changing. My thoughts are rearranging…


I have been working for a couple of weeks now, on a wholesale order for a website called The order came at the most perfect time so that I could buy our new RV plus have some extra money once the order is finished. I’m extremely grateful for that! For the order I had to make ten each of multiple different headbands, all very similar… very repetitive. I feel like it limits my creativity. I feel like wholesale isn’t fulfilling my dreams.

A friend of mine says that we all have to make sacrifices to earn a living. At first I didn’t like the sound of that because in my mind “sacrifice” has a negative sound. I talked to Carlos about it and he said that sacrifice is just giving something you have and that I do it all the time. It is not negative, nor positive.. it is just a sacrifice. I do love making sacrifices, cooking food to feed the hungry, going out of my way to get local food, setting up gardens for people. I do all of these things with love. They make me happy!


Making 60 similar headbands is something that has made me very happy because it is helping me to move into a new phase of my life journey and it has taught me a lot. But I don’t know if this bulk crochet thing is what I want to continue doing to earn money. I LOVE to make custom orders for friends. I made Mister B a totally original, one of a kind patchwork scarf in the colors of his choosing and he totally loves it, so does everyone else that sees it. I worked on it for probably 8 hours at least, and loved every second of it! Mister B absolutely loves my artwork and says that is what I should do to earn a living. It suits me, because every piece is unique and I can just turn my dream into a wonderful picture and charge whatever I feel like charging. That’s an idea. My parents always talk about my herbal remedies to friends and family, that I make miracle cures for them. I’m studying to be a Doctor of Naturopathy (holistic healer), and I absolutely love making teas, tinctures, salves, and even more than that – I love to help and inspire people to use the plant world and their mind power to heal themselves!!

There are endless possibilities in this world to make a happy, healthy, and abundant life for myself and my family. I know I can do it with love and gratitude in my heart at all times, so that is what I’m striving to do. I am open to any dream that enters my mind and anything that someone says to me. I ponder it, picture it, accept it, and let it go. Right now I admit that I’m just dreaming, having ideas, and I have no idea what will happen. Dreaming is a powerful thing though. Dreaming creates reality. Every thought can become an action. Every action came from a thought. I create my life.