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You are the best!!

The Celebration Headband

The Celebration Headband

Happy New Year everyone!!! Today is a fabulous day! I feel great, empowered, happy, and I feel certain that this year will be full of amazing successes! You are all beautiful and amazing people and you are the BEST at being YOU!

This will be a year of mobilization for me. To mobilize is to set forth into action and get things done.. I’m going to get shit done every day this year!! First and foremost, I feel like THE most important thing to do is take care of myself. When I’m healthy and happy, then I’m way more capable of taking care of other people, my business, and I just feel awesome! So let’s all make it a goal to take really good care of ourselves!

I have made lots of really huge goals for the year that I will work on throughout time. They are goals, not resolutions because to me resolutions seem a little too resolute. (unchanging) The world is always changing, growing, evolving.. and so do my ambitions and desires, so they are goals. But instead of just having these super huge, daunting goals… I also started making a list of THREE things to get done every day! In the morning when I wake up, I meditate on the three things I feel are most important to finish during the day. Three tasks are totally achievable and I’ve been doing a great job with it! You can do it too! It’s a fantastic way to feel good about yourself!

Don’t say NO, say YES!!

Instead of saying “stop eating sugar” or “no more caffeine”, try to INVITE good habits into your life! Whenever I tell myself to STOP doing this or that, it’s an invitation to failure, because I will always end up caving in and eating those cookies and ice cream.. and then I feel like I did something wrong! Instead of doing all that, I say “I will eat greens every day!” and I do it because it makes me feel super good and I just love the taste! That way even if I do indulge in a sugary snack, the bulk of my diet has been good, nourishing, wholesome foods. So I have less craving for the sugars and I feel great! Don’t beat yourself up! Give yourself a pep talk because YOU ARE WONDERFUL! You are the only you there is and you are darn good at being you! You are beautiful, powerful, and amazing! Go forth and share your gifts with the world!!!

Side note // I was featured in an awesome blog that I love this morning called blart! There is a really great interview about my small business with lots of cool photos of my stuff! Check it out if you love me!! 🙂


Hurricane Sandy – Love and Positive Thoughts

Hurricane Sandy is a totally huge superstorm that is just going nuts on the east coast of North America. I have looked at some photos of the storm from satellites and it’s just incredible how huge this girl is! I am fascinated by the weather.

I send much love and safe thoughts to all those people living in the storm’s path. I hope you all find safety and well being wherever you end up. To the storm, I also send my love and positive thoughts. To me, this is a way for Mother Earth to cleanse some of the toxins we have dumped all over her. The water cycle is a powerful source of cleansing out the bad and rejuvenating the good. It is great for the ocean, the lakes and rivers, streams and creeks, and the ground and atmosphere too. The water is beautiful and amazing.

Positive thoughts are so powerful. We create our own destiny with the power of thought. We have the power to create a loving, beautiful environment or a hostile, hateful environment. I create beauty and love. 🙂