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September New Moon

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I awoke to a bearded man knocking on the truck window just before dawn. “Are you okay?” he asked “We got stuck here.” and so he helped push us out and led me back to Hwy 95. Kalani and I got home and everyone was still sleeping so I collected some local produce, goat cheese, eggs, homemade bread, butter, a cast iron pan, and some bowls and headed up the hill to make a campfire tipi breakfast. It was so good, such a delightful experience to have a family mealtime in our new home.

We spent the day at a leisurely pace, honoring the September New Moon. Did some morning yoga, washed a few clothes in the washtub, gathered sticks, brought up a wheelbarrow with food jars, our orange metal shit bucket, and other various items. We have adopted a norm to not bring any plastic or trash up here to the primitive tipi life. Makes us think deeply about what we surround ourselves with.

This morning we realized our sleeping space gets really cold because it is downslope from the fire, so we moved our bed upslope and tada! Now wa are much more coze. We restaked our tipi today ith rope tied onto the loops so it can be pulled out tighter. I’m so excited to spend my second night in the tipi!!

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I am abundant love, joy, and healer.

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