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Learning to live harmoniously in Missouri.

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Giveaway – Win a Hand Painted Wood Brooch!!


This adorable wood brooch could soon be yours!

One day I was walking in the woods when I found this beautiful freshly fallen Cedar pine branch. I was hit with a jolt of inspiration to turn this branch into something wearable and artistic! So I took it home and with the help of my love Carlos, we cut it into pieces. Then I got to decorate each of them and create these awesome one of kind works of art on each one! They are preserved with all natural linseed oil and smell refreshing like a woodland hike!


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Have a fabulous day full of joy and love!

Desiree xoxo


Let’s Change the World in 2013

ImageFor the past few years of my life I have had the gift of travelling to many different states and meeting some totally super amazing people! It is eye opening to stay at farms across the country that are taking their life and their livelihood into their own hands in a way that is totally respectful and harmonious with Mother Earth. The world is changing! People are lighting up from the inside out and truly considering the power of their thoughts and actions in their world! It’s a beautiful thing.

The New Year is a ritual for many, a celebration of life lessons, growth, and a chance to make things even better in the coming year. To celebrate, over the past week I have been working on a 2013 Incredible Life and Business Workbook. I rejoice in the lessons I have learned this year, the new skills that I have been taught, the beautiful experiences I have had… and I dream a BIG DREAM of the year to come. A year of greatness and gratitude, a year of respect and fulfillment, a year of being the best I can be and treating my world with perfect harmony!

Peace & Harmony

Peace & Harmony

A list of wonderful things I will achieve this year –

  • I will do yoga for at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Practice meditation
  • Finish school and become a certified Doctor of Naturopathy!
  • Eat greens and a fermented food daily.
  • Grow a beautiful community garden.
  • Mobilize the local food movement in Branson & Springfield
  • Turn my small business into a money making success, with love and sustainability at it’s core.
  • Drink tea daily.
  • Release judgement.

I feel it is far more powerful to think of what you WILL DO, instead of what you don’t want to do… You are all amazing, beautiful, talented gods and goddesses so go forth into the world and be the best that you can be!!!

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Being Grateful Every Day

Today is a day that many people come together to share their love and gratitude with each other. I celebrate this day… every day. I have a practice of writing down my gratitude every day, anything that I can think of big or small. When something gets me down, I even turn that into something to be grateful for – a challenge that teaches me more about myself and how to overcome. I will share my gratitudes today –

// I thank my dear friend Stephen for inviting Carlos and I into his beautiful home to stay with him and his wonderful kids while we are visiting Texas.

// I’m so grateful for our new RV, our home on wheels, that is in great condition, so warm cozy and perfect for us!!!

// Thank you mother Earth for being forever abundant and prosperous, showing me there is no end to creativity and the possibilities are totally infinite!

// I thank the courageous farmers who are growing food with no chemicals in a harmonious way with the environment. Even though big Ag is trying to stomp on them, fine them, and crush them, they persist to share healthy, nourishing food with the world and commend them!

// I am grateful for the shea butter and wintergreen salve that is helping me with my shoulder aches.

// I am grateful for my wonderful health and the knowledge I have about nutrition, herbs, and energy healing so I can continue being healthy as well as heal others. I am grateful for my body’s ability to heal itself of any ailment.

I wish everyone a joyful and abundant day!


Love what you do and NEVER GIVE UP!

I have a small business that I have been building up, perfecting, and loving for a few years now but I only recently began taking it seriously. For a while, it was more like a hobby because I truly do what I love to do, and I wasn’t making much money at it… so it was just for fun. I feel like I’m still building my foundation even now, but I have come a long way! I truly look at myself as a designer now and I view my “hobby” as a business… a SUPER FUN business!


I used to get down because I would spend hours a day learning and changing my SEO (search engine optimization), retaking photos, always changing this and that… and it would lead to very few sales. I felt like I was wasting my time. But whenever those feelings happened, I knew it was time to take a break and go for a walk or have a cup of tea on the patio.. something calming to clear my mind. Then I would remind myself that I am doing what I love to do because I love to do it, and not just to make money.


Money is a tool. It is just one possible way to attain what we need or want. The universe offers us ENDLESS possibilities so it usually does not help to sit and try to figure out HOW to make something happen. It’s best to just focus our energy on the result, and not how to attain. To me, a business plan is a waste of time. All the most amazing moments in my life have been totally unplanned. And today… I received a $500 wholesale order from my shop totally out of the blue!!


Lately I have been creating gifts for friends and family, rejoicing in what I love doing. I haven’t been thinking much about selling, just adding to my etsy whenever I feel the mood come on. I have been working towards achieving my goals – a community garden, finding healthy local food, playing music, and most recently we have been looking for an RV. I haven’t been concerned with how to get any of these things, but just doing it, living… and they all work out! A $500 wholesale order! WHOA! This is awesome. The site is – check it out, very cool stuff. The owner sells fair trade, eco-friendly apparel from around the world.


I am so grateful! 🙂


Hurricane Sandy – Love and Positive Thoughts

Hurricane Sandy is a totally huge superstorm that is just going nuts on the east coast of North America. I have looked at some photos of the storm from satellites and it’s just incredible how huge this girl is! I am fascinated by the weather.

I send much love and safe thoughts to all those people living in the storm’s path. I hope you all find safety and well being wherever you end up. To the storm, I also send my love and positive thoughts. To me, this is a way for Mother Earth to cleanse some of the toxins we have dumped all over her. The water cycle is a powerful source of cleansing out the bad and rejuvenating the good. It is great for the ocean, the lakes and rivers, streams and creeks, and the ground and atmosphere too. The water is beautiful and amazing.

Positive thoughts are so powerful. We create our own destiny with the power of thought. We have the power to create a loving, beautiful environment or a hostile, hateful environment. I create beauty and love. 🙂