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Accepting Change and Dreaming


Life is always changing, the world is always changing. My thoughts are rearranging…


I have been working for a couple of weeks now, on a wholesale order for a website called The order came at the most perfect time so that I could buy our new RV plus have some extra money once the order is finished. I’m extremely grateful for that! For the order I had to make ten each of multiple different headbands, all very similar… very repetitive. I feel like it limits my creativity. I feel like wholesale isn’t fulfilling my dreams.

A friend of mine says that we all have to make sacrifices to earn a living. At first I didn’t like the sound of that because in my mind “sacrifice” has a negative sound. I talked to Carlos about it and he said that sacrifice is just giving something you have and that I do it all the time. It is not negative, nor positive.. it is just a sacrifice. I do love making sacrifices, cooking food to feed the hungry, going out of my way to get local food, setting up gardens for people. I do all of these things with love. They make me happy!


Making 60 similar headbands is something that has made me very happy because it is helping me to move into a new phase of my life journey and it has taught me a lot. But I don’t know if this bulk crochet thing is what I want to continue doing to earn money. I LOVE to make custom orders for friends. I made Mister B a totally original, one of a kind patchwork scarf in the colors of his choosing and he totally loves it, so does everyone else that sees it. I worked on it for probably 8 hours at least, and loved every second of it! Mister B absolutely loves my artwork and says that is what I should do to earn a living. It suits me, because every piece is unique and I can just turn my dream into a wonderful picture and charge whatever I feel like charging. That’s an idea. My parents always talk about my herbal remedies to friends and family, that I make miracle cures for them. I’m studying to be a Doctor of Naturopathy (holistic healer), and I absolutely love making teas, tinctures, salves, and even more than that – I love to help and inspire people to use the plant world and their mind power to heal themselves!!

There are endless possibilities in this world to make a happy, healthy, and abundant life for myself and my family. I know I can do it with love and gratitude in my heart at all times, so that is what I’m striving to do. I am open to any dream that enters my mind and anything that someone says to me. I ponder it, picture it, accept it, and let it go. Right now I admit that I’m just dreaming, having ideas, and I have no idea what will happen. Dreaming is a powerful thing though. Dreaming creates reality. Every thought can become an action. Every action came from a thought. I create my life.

Author: regrowroots

I am abundant love, joy, and healer.

8 thoughts on “Accepting Change and Dreaming

  1. “Dreaming is a powerful thing though. Dreaming creates reality. Every thought can become an action. Every action came from a thought. I create my life.”

    Love this a lot.

    Keep on …………. doing it!

  2. I am always struggling with this one. I get bored easily and often find I have to spend my time maintaining my current line, with its established customers, rather than branching out on experimental projects. It’s an interesting balance we have to find here!

    • Yeah I totally know what you mean. I’m working on figuring out how to market myself to a certain demographic more effectively. It’s so different for me because I have always just done what I love doing and if I get bored, I do something totally different.. but now I’m trying to make a business of my craft and I’m learning about cohesiveness. 🙂 It’s a work in progress.

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