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Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness


This pregnancy is a fascinating and exciting journey to be on! My periods had been completely in harmony with the moon cycle for the past 3 months or so before I became pregnant. My period was occuring on the new moon (a time of rest) and I was ovulating with the full moon (extreme fertile energy)… no surprise that I got pregnant! Carlos and I are very excited to bring a special new life into this world we’re living in.

I conceived right around January 27th so I’m still in my first trimester, right around 2 months. Sometimes I walk around with my hand on my belly and become very aware of the life within me. Beautiful. Many women get morning sickness during her first trimester and sometimes it carries on well into the second trimester.. I have definitely had a fair amount of the morning sickness! Thankfully I only threw up one morning, but much of the time I just feel sick to my stomach and can’t think of anything I’d like to eat. There are many remedies to morning sickness, and I have tried the lot… some work, some don’t. Hope this list helps someone in her first trimester!

Remedies for Morning Sickness

  • Ginger root – I tried this in several forms and had luck sometimes… Two times I made ginger tea and that didn’t help me very much. My mama got me some crystallized ginger slices that helped me when I first started eating them. After a few days, the effect wore off. The form of ginger that helped me the most was GINGER ALE – real ginger ale in the glass bottles. It’s very strong and carbonated so the bubbles + the ginger is what did it I think. I decided to lay off the ginger though, because it is so strong…
  • Peppermint tea – This has helped soothe my stomach slightly a few times. I also like to use peppermint essential oil and rub it on my belly which relieves some of the discomfort as well.


    mint that loves trying to take over our apartment garden

  • Preg-Ease vitamins – These are mainly B6 and calcium (for morning sickness and heartburn) but has some real fruit in there too. I take one chewable tablet in the morning and it is effective for a little while, giving me time to make breakfast or wait for Carlos to make breakfast.
  • Eating FREQUENTLY – I make sure to eat SOMETHING right when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I grab an apple, other times a fresh baked slice or 2 of sweet loaf (like squash loaf). Then I eat small meals throughout the day, maybe 5 times a day. I make sure to eat lots of cheese for protein and essential fatty vitamins and minerals.
  • Walk outside – This is one of the most effective ways that I have relieved my nausea symptoms. I’m so glad it’s starting to get warm out so I can have a fabulous, comfortable barefoot walk around the garden or over to Hackett Falls in Hollister. 🙂 Just breathing the fresh air of the trees and putting my feet in the dirt really grounds me and makes me feel awesome!!
  • Herb… as in weed – This is controversial and may not be for everyone, but I have done lots of research about it online, asking people I know, and taking note of how my body reacts when I do it. There are no ill effects known to occur to the developing fetus. When I first started experiencing nausea, I was totally turned off to eating so I ate little and lost about 8 pounds the first 5 weeks. No good! Then I realized that when I vaporize a little marijuana, it eliminates my nausea and makes me feel hungry so then I eat! Now I’ve gained the weight back and I’m feeling way better. I use it medicinally and in moderation, and have had super awesome results.

So that’s what I’ve figured out about my morning sickness… the kind of morning sickness that can last all day sometimes! Hope that some of these will help you amazing ladies out there!

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10 thoughts on “Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

  1. Try clove or cinnammon or cardamom; they help with nausea. How did you make sure your cycle will be following the moon cycle? Any words/suggestions will help.

  2. Those are good suggestions. I wasn’t aware of the caramom, but cinnamon and clove are definitely good. I actually haven’t used them yet. I think I’ll make a syrup with honey and cinnamon and start using that. Thanks!

    In short about being in harmony with the moon cycle, I feel it has to do a lot with being outside a lot. I don’t stay up late, but many nights I go out just to say hello to the moon. Seriously! And I paid attention the phase that it’s in. I could feel the energy of the moon in my body because I allowed those feelings to enter my awareness. We also had a couple drum circles on full moons! 🙂 The best fertility happens when a woman ovulates on a full moon!

  3. Thanks regrowroots :-). Regarding those cinnamon, clove or cardamom, just put a tiny piece in between your teeth. Squeeze slowly so that their juice is released slowly. That juice which many people might find very hot or pungent (especially if you are not used to spices like we Indians are 🙂 ) actually helps with the nausea. I use them all the whenever I am feeling any kind of sickness – motion sickness, aeroplane-sickness, ship-sickness, and they do help a lot. However, I might that if I mix them with anything, they don’t work for me. Ginger also same thing with me – I take a tiny piece in between my teeth, and squeeze slowly so that the juice is released slowly. Hope this helps you.

    • I tried clove this morning and it definitely helped the morning sickness a little bit, but it wore off rather fast. It’s so strong that I wouldn’t want to take a lot of it so I just chewed up one close. Tomorrow I’ll try cinnamon and cardamom. 🙂 What helps me more than anything is to be outside in the fresh air, so I’ve spent most of my day outside. I’m so grateful to be pregnant during spring, summer, and fall so I can be outdoors all the time! I’ll make sure to always get pregnant towards the end of winter…

  4. Ginger and mint are definitely the way to go! There were my best friends during my first trimester. I loved making fresh ginger tea using just a little minced ginger and a whole slice of lemon. Mmmmm… Best of luck! I’m nearing my third trimester actually!

    • Ginger and mint have lost some of their effectiveness on me, but when I first started feeling the nausea they helped a lot! Now the best thing I can do is be outside. The fresh air soothes all the uptight sick feelings! So glad that it’s spring!

      • Yeah, I’m sure that helps!

        Everyone told me to eat crackers before I get out of bed. I came to associate them with feeling nauseous, and it’s created a bit of an aversion for me!

  5. Im not a fan of crackers but I do make sure to eat as soon as I wake. Normally I grab an apple or banana and make breakfast shortly after. It helps to eat right away in the morning for sure.

  6. Hello my loved one! I want to say that this post is amazing, great written and come with almost all vital infos.

    I would like to peer extra posts like this .

    • You are so sweet! Thank you for reading and sharing your comments with me. I’m not sure what you mean that you want to peer my posts. I would love ideas for blog posts and I do like the idea of having guest writers. 🙂

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