Re-Grow Roots

Learning to live harmoniously in Missouri.


What’s Growing in the Apartment Garden, #2

Things are growing beautifully here at home! We have lots planted and still space for more. There is a new weed coming up a lot that I have never seen before with a big, annoying taproot… I’m not a fan. Besides that, things are perfect and lovely!

ImageThe snap peas are growing fast. Today I’m going to tie some twine up the patio railing there so our little babies can climb up easily. They are so cute and will look beautiful once they start flowering!

ImageThis is a brand new strawberry patch that we just planted. We probably won’t get much fruit this year, but it’s growing well! Arugula in the bottom right and radishes growing behind the strawberries.

ImageRadishes and carrots are growing slowly but surely in the wacky temperatures we’ve been having. Over on the right, take a look at that awesome Red Clover!! Almost time to harvest some flowers from her.

ImageSweet little poppy flowers are coming up in the lettuce patch! They will look gorgeous in a few weeks. Last year I had one poppy flower, let the seeds fall and overwinter, and now we have so many coming up! Poppy seeds like to overwinter.

ImageI’m just starting to get things growing in our patio pots again. I planted cilantro, marigolds, and in a 5 gallon bucket I put a tomato, carrots, and calendula! It’s amazing to see what plants can grow harmoniously together in a small space and benefit eachother!

What do you have growing in your garden so far?