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Eat local. Live seasonal.


A vegan who shops at the grocery store causes more environmental unrest than an omnivore who shops at the local farmers market.

There are a lot of fabulous people out there who are thinking about what they eat, and taking on this task can be a huge challenge! When I first became more conscious about my food, I became vegetarian and ate NO meat at all for NINE YEARS! That’s a long time to me, since I’m only 25. It was an eye opening experience for me and I went all out, really.

After 5 years or so, it finally became apparent that there is massive environmental corruption and slavery happening to PLANTS, not just animals. This realization took me to farms and communities where I lived and worked for the food on my plate. But I still looked at those big, beautiful eyes on a cow or the cute little chicken butts and I just wanted to cuddle them. Who could eat something so full of life??

Plants are full of life too though!!! I finally realized it when I was traveling recently. Everything on this planet, everything in the UNIVERSE is totally and COMPLETELY CONNECTED! We all need eachother. We all work together and effect one another! Every rock. Every tree. Every carrot. Every goat. Every human. We are all one.

We are creatures of this earth, humans on this earth, who should use and eat what is given to us by our surrounding environment. In the wintertime when the skies are bleak and the ground is covered in a layer of snow, fresh produce is scarce. This is when I begin eating canned and fermented produce, plus more meat! Animals live through the winter and they are readily available at local farms and farmers markets. It seems only right to eat animals when that is what nature is offering to me. I take what is given to me and I am ever so delighted and grateful to receive!

Eat local. Live Seasonal.