Re-Grow Roots

Learning to live harmoniously in Missouri.


My Troubles, My Home, and My Will

My boyfriend and I recently spent all the money we have on a new life, a home on wheels – the Dolphin. We have big dreams for her. After picking her up from Iowa, we drove to Texas for Thanksgiving to visit family and friends and we had such an incredible time. Wonderful conversations, enlightening experiences, saw people whom I hadn’t seen in years, great food, pure perfection. I am so grateful for all of these experiences.

We had to get home by November 30th and time was drawing in so we suddenly got in a rush. The night before we left, we had an amazing potluck with many amazing people, got a good sleep, and spent the day putting new carpet in the RV, visiting with friends, and taking it easy. We left at night. At first the RV wouldn’t start, so Stephen jumped it. Then we drove away. That night we slept and in the morning thought to do some RV upkeep – looked for an air filter and then got antsy to get on the road so we left. We did not check the oil or put air in the tires…

Hours down the road we got pulled over by a cop, since we have no plates on our vehicle (which an Iowa state trooper said is fine). This Oklahoma cop just gave us a warning. He asked to search the vehicle, and I respectfully declined because we wanted to get home. That was fine with him, but the question made me rather nervous as we were carrying a bit of marijuana with us… I have nothing to hide, except from the cops! Anyways… another hour or so on the road and I saw a hitch hiker. Instinctively, I thought I should keep moving, but I decided to stop and help him out. This got me noticed by yet another cop who pulled us over after I dropped off the silent hitch hiker. Ever since that first cop stopped us, I had cops and weed on my mind, I was scared and uncomfortable… I was WILLING these things to happen. So this second cop called the narcotics police with a drug dog, hand cuffed us, searched the car, found our tiny stash… We got let off with loads of tickets to pay.

And an hour after that our RV broke down on the side of the road. We ran out of oil and the engine got stuck. Because of our rush. Because of my negative state of mind. Because I was thinking the worst, the worst appeared. It was my will. Not that I WANTED it, but I was putting energy towards it, I was fearing it… inviting it to happen.

Now we are safely back home in Missouri. My parents gave us money to hire an independent tow truck to pick us up in Checotah, Oklahoma and bring us back here. The RV is sitting on our friend’s land. Today Carlos went to drain the oil so he can take a look at the innards of the engine. I went over there and put a little spell on her. 🙂 Just focused my energy on seeing her back on the road. I told her she will recover, she will drive again, and she will feel better than ever. And I practiced picturing me driving and crafting in the RV, in our home, in beautiful places, and traveling all around.

The will is a powerful thing.