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Branding my Handmade Business

Lately I have been putting a lot of thought towards my small business in hopes of writing up a sort of business plan and growing more prosperous with it in the future. Right now I feel like it’s all pretty mysterious…


Branding is what sets a company apart from everyone else, so when somebody sees my website, online shop, blog, business card, etc. they know it’s Re-Grow Roots (my business)! Right now my branding is totally incohesive. Snce it’s been done a million times before, I have been looking for advice online. I found a wonderful article on here – Handmade Business Branding

Step 1 // Write a mission statement. This is what I came up with…

I believe that change is a powerful and necessary element of life and each of us has the ability to create a positive environment. What we buy and how we live our life effects the world around us. That is why I am dedicated to creating handmade, eco friendly clothing, accessories, and art to uplift your mind, body, and soul.

What do you think??

Step 2 // Describe your products.

Natural, handmade apparel, accessories, and art made with love for the hippie, bohemian, and folk at heart.

Step 3 // Describe your target market.

This is something I am still gaining insight into, so it’s in the works but I have a few people in mind… men and women ages 18-35, nature lovers, environmentalists, bohemians, income level??

I found this wonderful article about envisioning your target market –

Step 4 // Business or Product Name

Re-Grow Roots

Step 5 // Tagline – A short message that conveys your mission statement

Handmade crafts for the hippie, bohemian, and folk at heart.

Eco-friendly handmade apparel, accessories, and art for the heart.

Hmm… I want something sorta catchy that really speaks to the heart and soul of every revolutionary environmentalist! I feel like this business is an extension of my life and my life is a revolutionary thing. 🙂 Maybe I’m thinking too hard… so I’ll call it a day for now.