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Fundraiser for Re-Grow Roots on Indiegogo


I have started a fundraising campaign on indiegogo and I would love for you all to check it out and share it with your networks! I have a lot of big goals and lofty dreams to make my business a truly sustainable source of income for our growing family. It will happen, I can feel it. Every day I have more faith in what I have put so much work into since March 2012. Every day I have been learning something new and dedicating time to pushing this business further and every day I see it growing in some way. We are always growing! 🙂

My primary goals are laid out on my indiegogo site and I have figured out how much money I will need for each thing and have shared that specifically on the campaign page. I intend to be fully transparent with what I will do with the money from my investors, and in return for your donation I will do something special for you and send you lots of unending love! ❤

So here it is –

ImageEvery dollar helps and know that you are contributing to not only my business, but to my family and to my local community as well. I keep as much of my money in local businesses as I possibly can and I give back all I can through community activities like the SWMO Free School and Project Love Your Neighbor, as well as community garden projects. A lot of the income I earn gets put back into the community. 🙂

Another way you can help our business to flourish is by making a purchase from our online Etsy shop. 🙂 I take custom orders so let me know if you have anything specific in mind.

Thanks for your ongoing love and support!

For more information on SWMO Free School –