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Gutting and Cleaning a Trout


Today I’m going to explain the process that my love and I have come up with for gutting and cleaning a trout. We are not fishermen and we are no professionals, but we have experience in gutting and cleaning many a fish! You may be wondering if we aren’t fishermen, where the heck do we get all this fish?? That is a great question! Carlos teaches guitar lessons for a lovely girl down the road and in return her dad gives Carlos fish for our family! He’s the fisherman and he gives them to us just as they are… scales and all.

Supplies – cutting board & a sharp knife

Step 1 –

Take the fish in one hand and grasp it firmly because it’s very slippery. With the other hand gently use your knife to remove the scales from tail to head.

Step 2 –

Make an incision with your knife on the underside of the fish near the tail (anal hole) and cut all the way up to the base of the head.


Step 3 –

After cutting all the way up the belly, I usually go ahead and cut off the head. If you want to leave it on, then just make a cut from one side of the head to the other so you can remove the tongue and gills.

Step 4 –

Now it’s time to remove all the guts! These usually come out really easily in one smooth motion, super simple. Once they’re out you’ll notice a line of blood along the spine.

Step 5 –

Take your fish to water 🙂 and get that blood vessel out by using your thumbnail. At the tail where the vessel starts, gently scrape all the way up to the neck. It usually cleans out very easily.

Step 6 –

Once your fish is all clean, it’s time to cook it!! Or you can store it in your freezer until you are ready to prepare it. 🙂

If you have ever processed or butchered an animal, trout is a walk in the park! There’s really not much to it at all and I think anyone can figure it out if they allow themselves the time to do and with a good sharp little knife! For those who have never butchered an animal, this is a really good place to start!

Have you ever butchered a fish or animal? Do you have any good trout recipes to share? I would love to hear from you!!

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