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A hobby turned into a BUSINESS

Business has been going really well over the past month or so and I’m very excited about it! I learned so much last year about which products people like to buy, how to promote myself, where to advertise, and so many other good things. I’ve actually been doing really well in person, selling to friends and acquaintances too!

For those of you who don’t know – I own and operate a line of crochet apparel and artful accessories for the home and body. My hands are behind almost all of the creations that you will find in my shop –


lacy mongolian wool headband

I’m stoked about this new headband design that I came up with! It’s perfect for the spring and summer, made from a very fine Mongolian wool that is light as a feather. This wool was so fun to work with!


mustard dreadlock tam

One of my specialties are super slouchy dreadlock tam hats. Round and round in circles I go, a lot of the time incorporating different types of stitches and many different colors. Crocheting is a fantastic way to relax and wind down. I love to sit outside on my patio on a warm Spring day, listen the birds, and pass the time.

I work with mainly wools and organic cotton so my creations are natural and eco-friendly. The environment is of utmost importance to the blessed life that I live and I hope that my creations will inspire people to live a simple life.


wool and organic cotton tam hat

Crocheting was once just a hobby of mine, and then I thought to myself… why not make some money and earn a living doing what I love to do? It’s an incredible thing to be able to work from home, but it also calls for a lot of time management and business skills that I’m still learning about! Have you ever thought of turning your hobby into a business?