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Being Grateful Every Day

Today is a day that many people come together to share their love and gratitude with each other. I celebrate this day… every day. I have a practice of writing down my gratitude every day, anything that I can think of big or small. When something gets me down, I even turn that into something to be grateful for – a challenge that teaches me more about myself and how to overcome. I will share my gratitudes today –

// I thank my dear friend Stephen for inviting Carlos and I into his beautiful home to stay with him and his wonderful kids while we are visiting Texas.

// I’m so grateful for our new RV, our home on wheels, that is in great condition, so warm cozy and perfect for us!!!

// Thank you mother Earth for being forever abundant and prosperous, showing me there is no end to creativity and the possibilities are totally infinite!

// I thank the courageous farmers who are growing food with no chemicals in a harmonious way with the environment. Even though big Ag is trying to stomp on them, fine them, and crush them, they persist to share healthy, nourishing food with the world and commend them!

// I am grateful for the shea butter and wintergreen salve that is helping me with my shoulder aches.

// I am grateful for my wonderful health and the knowledge I have about nutrition, herbs, and energy healing so I can continue being healthy as well as heal others. I am grateful for my body’s ability to heal itself of any ailment.

I wish everyone a joyful and abundant day!