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Altars and An Unplanned Night

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Our first night in the Tipi was totally amazing! A feeling of closeness with the earth, freedom from modern ties of all sorts, a clarity and joy I can’t compare. Our night was a little bit chilly even though we had a fire going in our firepit. Only a slight nippy feeling, but curling up with my two honies made it cozy and nice. We certainly have a lot of preparing to do before the winter comes our way and temperatures dip below zero. We’re sleeping on the bare ground, the earth in close contact to our bodies. It’s a great way to transition into our new life here.

Today we started carrying more of our meaningful belongings up here. It’s really great to consider what we truly need and only surround ourselves with those necessities of hapy, cozy, heartful, and soulful life. Our altar space is expanding indoors and our perfect altar rock outside. I also collected lots of sticks from around the tipi and Carlos sawed up larger pieces of wood so we started a nice pile for our fires.

I decided to go to an Ozark Sister Circle group to share some sisterly love because I had it in my head for days that I needed that refuge. When it came time to go I suddenly felt an urge to stay here but I had already talked myself into going so off I drove into the dark of night. My terrible night vision got me lost on these county roads so Kalani and I ended up getting stuck in the sand trying to turn around! We set up camp in our trust truck Buckwheat, definitely nothing like sleeping in our tipi, but it was a powerful time of self reflection. Releasing fears, casting a circle, feeling gratitude, and love filling my heart.

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