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Our Rebirth – the Tipi Stands


I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the perceived extravagances of civilization and even the people here at Oran Mor Community where I live. There is a yearning in my soul to live in harmonious balance with Mother Nature by dedicating myself to a radical simplicity inspired by native tribes. Today we erect the tipi!

First we chose our site, perfectly located in a grove of deciduous trees with a forested slope of Red Cedars to the north protecting us from winds and our door facing the southeast so the rising sun can shine in to greet us Good Morning. We got our hoe, sickle, loppers, and a hand saw and set to work clearing the land just big enough for our 16 foot tipi. All the underbrush will be put to use either in wattle projects or burned in our fire for cooking and celebrating. Finally we unfolded our brand new tipi canvas and started bringing over the tipi poles from our work station. We laid out our tripod poles and tied them together with natural rope using a clove hitch and then we got to stand her up! Watching the tripod raise up into the skies, into this freestanding beauty, filled me with sheer delight. Then we began laying in the rest of the poles. The circles and circles of circles! The sisal rope winding around the poles again and again, jumping and whipping through the wind, tightening the poles that will hold our home in place. Standing tall amongst the trees, our poles who once lived and grew in the same forest we dwell in now live on as tipi shelter for our family on the hill.

Author: regrowroots

I am abundant love, joy, and healer.

2 thoughts on “Our Rebirth – the Tipi Stands

  1. i love you earth mama! you and your family are so infinitely beautiful! blessings!

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