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Learning to live harmoniously in Missouri.

Elvis has left the farm, to be within us.


My friend. Our friend. We went through a major transition together and became close.

Before his life ended, I meditated on the stage where the event was to take place. With all of my chakras I visualized a pure rain of light upon the space. All day long I felt this sadness, as well as a deep happiness. When I take the time to revere the life that exists with me, within me, and all around… it is good.


We are Elvis.


Author: regrowroots

I am abundant love, joy, and healer.

4 thoughts on “Elvis has left the farm, to be within us.

  1. I would love to know more about your feelings around this. I still struggle, conflicted.

    • It is a difficult thing to take the life of a creature that has so much in common with us. A creature that I spent time with daily and fed from my hand. It helps me to spend time with the animal and give it my most humble thanks and honor for it’s blessing of life to me. I spent a lot of time meditating, speaking with Elvis, and walking him around. The whole event was actually super quick, he didn’t scream at all. When the awareness is very open and honest, and the event is very planned and coordinated, it helps things go smoothly. It was the most difficult kill for me so far, even though I just stood in the background. Immediately when Bunny slit his throat, a low humming came out of both me and Kalani. It was the same noise I instinctively made during my labor with Kalani. The aum.

  2. Hazzah! Now that’s proper : )

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