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Joel Salatin responds to New York Times’ ‘Myth of Sustainable Meat’


Meat can be sustainable when raised with respect for the creatures. If you don’t agree, I highly recommend reading some of Joel Salatin’s books.


The following post originally appeared on the Polyface Farms Facebook page.

The recent editorial by James McWilliams, titled “The Myth of Sustainable Meat,” contains enough factual errors and skewed assumptions to fill a book, and normally I would dismiss this out of hand as too much nonsense to merit a response. But since it specifically mentioned Polyface, a rebuttal is appropriate. For a more comprehensive rebuttal, read the book Folks, This Ain’t Normal.

Let’s go point by point. First, that grass-grazing cows emit more methane than grain-fed ones. This is factually false. Actually, the amount of methane emitted by fermentation is the same whether it occurs in the cow or outside. Whether the feed is eaten by an herbivore or left to rot on its own, the methane generated is identical. Wetlands emit some 95 percent of all methane in the world; herbivores are insignificant…

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2 thoughts on “Joel Salatin responds to New York Times’ ‘Myth of Sustainable Meat’

  1. Love Joel Salatin, he is a big reason I came to some peace of mind about eating animal foods.

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