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Preparing for a Beautiful Birth



The day is almost here, our Buddha Baby will soon be joining us outside my womb in this three dimensional world! We are so excited to meet our little one and begin our journey together.

Birth is an absolutely magical time that will be a part of your baby’s life forever. So I’m going the fully unmedicated, natural route to help ensure a perfect start to my baby’s life on the outside. The trip down the birth canal and out of a woman’s vagina can be joyful and absolutely pleasurable to both mother and child. This might sound totally crazy to many people, but I’ve heard from many women and watched a whole lot of videos where the mother is at complete peace or even experiencing ORGASMS during labor! There’s a great movie I highly recommend – The Orgasmic Birth .


Your baby is growing inside of you and you are providing everything it needs to survive and thrive. This includes the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the lifestyle you live, and everything in your environment. Everyone is unique and we all require a unique life so there is no one fool-proof way to nourish your baby… You will have to really look within yourself and do your research about what is best for you and your baby. One thing is true for everyone, positivity is a fundamental necessity of a healthy life so do what it takes to be in a happy state of mind! Good health starts with a positive spirit.


One way that I have been preparing for a beautiful birth is through hypnobirthing classes that I have been taking from my doula. This is a style of birthing that utilizes self hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, and positive thought to encourage a pain free birth. We have practiced several guided visualizations that put me into a state of extreme relaxation. The women in the videos that she showed me are totally amazing, peacefully going in and out of surges (contractions) with no discomfort. The baby easily makes it’s way through the birth canal and out of the vagina without any noticeable pushing. Instead of pushing, I’ve learned to breathe the baby down. Pushing creates a lot of tension that is totally unnecessary when giving birth. Next time you take a poop, try breathing it out rather than pushing it out and notice the difference.


To ensure a pain-free, stress-free labor FEAR RELEASING is absolutely essential. All fears are created by our own minds and with our minds we create our reality. If we are constantly worrying about something, it’s virtually impossible to relax and just enjoy the situation. So release that fear! Birth is natural and women have been doing it since the dawn of humanity. Nature gives birth to new life every moment of every day and more often than not it’s peaceful without any complication. Take the time to write down your fears and release them with love into the abyss. Just let go. Here is a great post I found that will help you to release those fears – Hypnobirthing: Effective Techniques to Release Fear, Stress, and Pain in Labor


Choose a space that you are comfortable to give birth in. The hospital can cause undue stress and treats birth as a business rather than a natural gift of life most of the time. There are many other options besides the normal hospital room. Some hospitals have birthing centers in the actual hospital that use midwives who can provide you with very professional and comforting care. You can also find a birthing center run by midwives outside of a hospital. Another option is to give birth at home with a midwife. There are so many options! Do your research and do what is most comfortable for you. It’s totally up to you what you decide to do. For it to be stress-free, you must be comfortable in your decision.

Every mother is a beautiful, unique goddess. You can create life without stress in utter bliss if you choose to do so. I believe in all mothers!! If you have a beautiful birth story, please share it in the comments! I would also love to feature some guest writers, please let me know if you are interested.

Love, Desiree

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6 thoughts on “Preparing for a Beautiful Birth

  1. Best of luck with your birth, Desiree! It’s an empowering experience that nothing else can match. Just listen to your body as you have been; it knows what it’s doing when it comes to birth! My last one 7 weeks ago was even better than my first 3+ years ago. No drugs necessary and less than 3 hours of labor! Sending love and energy your way!

    • That’s amazing Kim!! Wow only 3 hours of labor! My wonderful partner, my birth team, and myself are all looking very forward to the birth. We know it’s going to be an absolutely beautiful and magical experience! No drugs, no medical interference at all. Just me, my husband, my helpful lady healers, and a beautiful space to greet our bundle.

  2. Good luck to you! Although I ended up having to have a cesarean due to complications, I used a lot of what I learned about hypnobirth and Birthing from Within to get me through it. It was still scary at times, but I clung to my spirituality, the love of my husband, and my complete adoration of my little one. It’s all worth it. 🙂

    • So glad to hear that. I believe a woman can have a beautiful birth no matter what happens. Sometimes a c-section is necessary, in certain extreme cases. It’s great that you were able to remain strong and connected.

  3. You have such wise words, and I wish you the best of luck in your journey to motherhood! It sounds like you are taking all of the necessary steps to make sure you and your baby are happy and healthy…something that unfortunately many women tend to gloss over! It sounds like your birth experience will be nothing but peaceful and joyous.

    • Thanks for reading! I’m glad you see the wisdom in natural methods. We are all connected to the divine and if we allow ourselves to open up, we realize that everything is perfect.

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