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The State of Arkansas Tried to Force Me to Take Pre-natal Tests


I’m about 8 moons pregnant, and thus far I have had very little intervention as I feel that most intervening is absolutely unnecessary and a lot of the time is potentially harmful. I took my time finding a perfect midwife, found her around week 22 or so and I absolutely love her!

I really don’t see a doctor for anything, I take my health into my own hands or go to people who I can trust (herbalists, an essential oil therapist, nature). For thousands and millions of years, people did just fine without hospitals and crazy pills… and in my experience pills cause way more harm than good. That’s my personal belief through my personal experiences and I feel that I am totally entitled to that belief as long as I’m not putting myself, my baby, or anyone else in danger. My decisions for myself and my family are very educated, this is my right.

That being said… There were a few tests that my wonderful midwife wanted me to have done that she cannot do herself at her birthing center. A blood draw and a pap smear… okay that was fine with me. I can handle getting a couple of standard tests done that are totally non-invasive and non-threatening. I knew no harm could come from them so I went ahead and got it done. It was definitely not a pleasurable experience waiting for an hour and a half in the health clinic waiting room although I had scheduled an appointment 2 weeks in advance, but I got it over with and thought that would be the end of it. Nope, not quite.

The next test they wanted to do is called a Beta Strep or Group B Strep test. I declined this one because I feel that it can cause undue stress on me and the baby. The thing about the test is that if I come up positive for Beta Strep, I will then be REQUIRED to take antibiotics during my labor. I feel that antibiotics do FAR more damage than the potential effects of having strep in my birth canal could do. There is a 1 in 200 chance of the baby having strep B if the mother tests positive for it, and about 25% of women do test positive for it. ( So if I do have it, the baby has a .5% chance of getting it… Yet with antibiotics there is a 100% certainty that they will also end up in my baby.  And what do antibiotics do? Well they totally kill all living bacteria good or bad that reside in me and the baby. That means no intestinal flora, killing our immune systems, potential serious illness, etc.. It’s just a bad idea.

All that aside, I do know how to eliminate the Beta Strep from my system naturally. By using charcoal pills, all of the bacteria can be eliminated and cleansed out of me before the test so that I test “negative”. So I could just go ahead and take the test, do just fine, and not have to undergo any antibiotic treatment… but I don’t want to play those games. The government is trying to take away my rights as a mother and indoctrinate me into their systems to do what is good for them. Sorry guys, I’m going to go ahead and do what’s best for ME!

The midwife is no longer allowed to see me. I refused the test so the State of Arkansas will not “approve an out of hospital birth.” So I’m having a home birth with some wonderful women and my amazing partner attending to keep the peace and support me during my beautiful, perfect labor. I am totally confident that all will go well.


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19 thoughts on “The State of Arkansas Tried to Force Me to Take Pre-natal Tests

  1. I say we start a petition!

  2. Wow, Desiree; I had no idea that states had that kind of power over a woman. That’s a bit crazy! Kudos to you for taking things into your own hands for the pregnancy and birth you want. Best of luck for that perfect labor!

    • Thanks for the positivity, Kim! That’s what it’s all about. 🙂 About the state’s power.. they THINK they own all of us. We are just numbers to them and they boss us around to live within their boxes. But ultimately we have freedom in our own minds so we can choose to do anything we want. I’m choosing an “illegal” birth because I know that it is safer, more peaceful, and holistic than any other methods. I trust that it’s the best way for us.

  3. This is some of the most absolutely insane stuff I’ve ever read. I really hope this blog is satire and/or parody.

    • Not sure what you are insinuating is “insane”? I don’t think that birth is insane. It’s as natural as breathing and has been going on for millions of years or something like that. I feel extremely qualified in my ability to give birth and be the best mother I can possibly be. The government is not my mother or father and they definitely don’t know what’s right for my baby. It is pretty insane indeed that they think they know what’s better for me than I do!

  4. You’re not Desiree Jennings are you? Oh and people did not just do fine without hospitals and pills. They got very sick and died.

    • Women still get sick and die in hospitals while giving birth. In fact, the US has the highest death rate of mothers of all “industrialized” nations. The only statistics of women dying in high numbers during pregnancy, were those taken by doctors in developing cities in the early century. What about all the women giving birth in the countrysides? There are no statistics because there were no birth certificates or censuses for those people. In the 1930s midwifery was totally illegal and demonized in the US. At this time doctors took over birth and the rise in maternal and fetal death was astronomical. Then an Appalachian activist came onto the seen and traveled with a troop of midwives to deliver babies of women out in the fields. Their rates of death were incredibly low. Midwives are way more educated about birth than doctors in most cases. I am more educated in birth than the docs and nurses I’ve spoken with… I’m definitely not sick or dying.

    • Do you think that people these days are no longer getting sick and dying? Cancer? Lupus? MS? Allergies? Candida? Diabetes? These are all new illnesses. People get sick and stay alive on pills for a while, then die in agony and mindlessness. I would rather die than live an unconscious life.

      • Cancer, Lupus, MS and diabetes are by no means new disease, but they’re diseases that people usually died of until relatively recently. I think your grip on history is shaky, and it worries me – because you seem to cite history a lot as defense for your choices. Things did not go the way you seem to think they did, not even with that Appalachian activist (I assume you mean Ina May Gaskin there).

        I recently finished over a year of treatment for breast cancer – I assure you, I am not living an unconscious life, nor am I “dying in agony and mindlessness.”

      • My grip on history is by no means shaky. I am speaking of tribes all throughout the world. I’m not talking about “civilized” places like Europe who went through all sorts of problems and deathly diseases when they were demanding control of everyone and everything. I’m speaking of the native americans, inuits, carribean tribes, aborigines… all these people PRE-INDUSTRY. They are not the same now because the US and Europe has intervened in most places. But take a look at those tribes who are still living off the land without the intervention of “civilization” and you will find no life threatening illness. These illnesses are a product of civilization. You believe what you want, no harm to me. I know my truth.

        I’ve also lived with a woman for most of my life who has been “terminally ill” and faced death on multiple occasions from cancer, liver cirrhosis, and kidney failure among other things. For most of her life she has been on pills and seen doctors almost weekly. Did they make her better? Well they kept her alive, but she was depressed, unhappy with herself and with her life, didn’t truly want to live… is that a life that you would choose? Now she is off all of her pills and feeling better than she has in over 40 years. She wants to survive, she wants to live, she is loving, giving and happy. Why? Because she stopped seeing doctors and started seeking healing and guidance through holistic means. She’s my mother and I feel incredibly empowered by her. She’s not the only one.. I have many friends who have overcome their illnesses and problems from lupus to ms to cancer and it hasn’t been through the medical system. Most people within the medical system are sick. This is a fact. I see it everywhere, every day. Open your eyes to the truth around you. Look within your own self. Do you feel as if you have overcome your cancer? Do you still have your breasts? I hope all is well with you and wish you all the best.

        About the activist, I can’t remember her name but no it’s not Ina May. Ina May is amazing too and has done incredible things for the natural birth movement. Glad you know of her.

  5. I really hope you reconsider the strep test. Infection during birth happens in about 50% of cases and the effects on baby are pretty serious. You can still have a birth with minimal intervention without going to such extremes just to prove a point.
    There are two types of GBS infections that can happen to newborn babies. The most common type is called early-onset disease. In this case, the babies are almost always infected during their journey down the birth canal because the bacteria were in their mother’s vagina. The symptoms of early-onset infections show up before the baby is seven days old. Some babies show signs of this infection as early is six hours after birth. Early-onset disease can cause infections in a baby’s lungs, brain, spinal cord or blood. This type of GBS infection can be very serious and frequently hard for a newborn baby to fight off. This is the infection that antibiotic treatment in labour is aimed at preventing.

    The second type is called late-onset disease. In this case, the babies don’t show signs of a GBS infection until after they are more than seven days old. About half of these babies were also infected during their birth. The other half became infected after the birth by being in contact with their GBS positive mother, or another person who is a carrier of the disease. Late-onset infections can also cause serious problems for the newborn. The most common problem is meningitis – an infection of the membranes which surround the brain and spinal cord. The risk of late-onset disease is not decreased by antibiotic treatment in labour but antibiotics are available for the baby once it is born. Babies with early-onset disease are more likely to die than those babies with late-onset disease.

    • From the research I have read, including government studies, only about 1 in 200 babies get any negative effects from the mother having Strep B. I will be eliminating any possibility of me having Strep B NATURALLY before I go into labor. The methods I will use to naturally eliminate it are totally safe for me and the baby and have been effective in 100% of cases that I know of. The midwife I was with has used these methods for decades and not a single one of her mothers has tested positive for Strep B. It is not a point that I am trying to prove. I will not put a life in danger to prove a point. The issue at hand is that I am the mother and I have the right to choose what happens to myself and my baby. That is a fact of life. We all have a choice in everything that we do. My choice is for the safety of myself and my baby. I will eliminate the Strep B and all will be well, no intervention necessary.

  6. This is your first child isn’t it? Good luck. Let us know how it all goes. Your story reminds me of a midwife I worked with once who was determined to have a homebirth but I am sure it will go much better for you.

  7. At the end of the day, all I wanted was a healthy baby and a healthy me. If it meant abx for strep, so be it. I became the steward of a new life the day I became a parent and it was no longer just about my wants/needs/fears/politics. I suddenly had to be utterly responsible for the health of a tiny, helpless being. I strongly urge you to reconsider. Antibiotics for strep is not a good hill to die on for a new mom – you’ll find other causes that are less potentially dangerous and more enraging post partum, i promise.

    • I totally agree with you Ella. All I want is a healthy baby and a healthy me. After seeing the ill effects of abx on so many people around me, I have decided that there is no way I will allow them to be used on my intravenously while pregnant. There is also no reason for them to be used because I know I would test negative for Group B Strep after my cleanse. Like I said, the midwife I was seeing never once had a patient come up positive with GBS after doing this cleanse. ALL mothers tested neg. for GBS, that’s over 100 mothers… So the cleanse works. It totally cleans out the system of any bacteria that could do harm to the baby. This is what I will be doing. There is just no reason for me to take the test. Because THEY say so is not a reason. They are not concerned for my health, only for their pocketbooks. I, however, am very concerned for my health and well-being and that of my unborn Buddha baby. So I take care of myself. Im about a week away from my “due date” and I feel absolutely great! I eat well, walk daily, yoga daily, work in the garden, all is great with us. 🙂

  8. I’m sure by mow your little bundle has arrived, (can’t wait to hear your both story, assuming you want to share it, by the way!!) But I just wanted to say I’m saddened by the negative responses you received for not wanting interventions shoved at you! It’s horrible the way women are put down and indoctrinated with fear about something so natural and beautiful. I’m so happy you stood up for yourself and did what YOU believe and what YOU felt was right instead of what ‘they’ tell you to think and feel and do!! Its so empowering reading about a woman who is standing her ground on her beliefs and listening to her body. I hope all is well with you and baby!!! 🙂

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