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Cost of Eating Local, Organic Food


My husband and I eat mostly local and / or organic food and I constantly get told by people that it’s too expensive for them and there’s no way they could afford to feed their family. So I decided to keep track of all of our food expenses for August and share here so you can get a realistic idea of how much it costs. Keep in mind, proper nutrition that energizes the body and provides abundant nourishment is an investment in the future of your health as well as the present. The two of us don’t pay for health insurance because we have no need for it, we take no medications, and we don’t have any other health bills. We are two incredibly healthy people because we eat very healthy food and we lead healthy lifestyles. When we do feel sick, we have homemade remedies that we use which are very inexpensive. It pays to know some basic things about herbs and other remedies, saves a lot of money not having to see doctors. Also, keep in mind that I am pregnant so I’m eating A LOT!

Our August Food Bill

Meat – $131.14

Most of this food was purchased from a local farmers market. I make an effort to eat only local, grass fed, free range, organic meat. Meat is very dense so it can harbor a lot of toxins from the environment it is raised in and the food the animal eats. I believe that eating healthy, happy animals is a wonderful part of a well-balanced diet. For those of you who are vegan or vegetarian, this money could go towards other proteins like beans and raw nuts.

Produce – $86.29

A lot of our produce came from the Farmers Market and our local produce stand (The Tomato House). We also harvested many cucumbers, a few tomatoes, and some peppers from our apartment garden. We were also gifted some produce from gardening friends. For those of you with a house or land, I highly encourage starting at least a small garden. Growing your own food can save you a lot of money on your monthly produce bill. You can honestly grow ALL of your produce AND raise your own meat on your property if you have the time, and that could make your food bill next to nothing.

Grains, Breads, Etc. – $25.04

We have invested in buying bulk grains like quinoa, buckwheat, and oats in the past so we didn’t have to buy much of it this month. It is definitely worth it to buy certain things in bulk! There is a great bulk food buying co-op that delivers nationwide called Azure Standard.

Dairy – $81.18

Most of our dairy expense went towards local, raw goat’s milk ($64). We go through 2 gallons every week since we make yogurt,, kefir, and drink a lot of wonderful raw milk. This also covers our cheese and organic butter expenses.

Bulk Food Order – $40

This month we bought 1 pound of sea salt, 2.5 pounds of raw cashews, and 5 pounds of organic quinoa pasta.

Eating Out – $30

Cooking 95% of our meals at home saves A LOT of money on food costs. We don’t do it to save money though. We cook at home so that we can have a deep understanding of the ingredients going into our food.

Snacks – $43.19

These are all those times I was out and didn’t bring enough food with me so I stopped and got a raw food bar, smoothie, or coconut water. Pregnant mama has got to eat!

Grand Total – $475.54

So there you have it. That comes out to about $238 per person. I also feel it necessary to mention that there were multiple occasions that we were also feeding my parents and we went to three potlucks this month so we made large meals to share. Had we only been feeding ourselves, and if I wasn’t pregnant, our bill would definitely be a lot less. For those of you who think this is just way out of their budget and totally obscene, I urge you to keep track of your monthly expenses on food and get back to me. Do you eat out at restaurants? Do you pay money for medications, doctors, or hospital bills? Don’t forget to include those expenses. Nutrition and health go hand in hand.

This idea of lack and “not being able to afford it” will only keep you stuck in that hole. Instead of thinking of how to get something, just set your mind on what you want and make it happen. You can have anything that you set your mind to! Eating local, organic food is extremely important to me and my husband so we make it a priority in our life. In the past we have traded work with local farmers in exchange for meat, produce, and dairy. I have also gone to farmers markets near closing time and asked for discounted prices on leftover produce. There are so many ways to save money on good healthy food.. but I think I’ll leave that for another post.

I hope this inspires and motivates you to start eating more locally and organically! It’s not that expensive and it’s totally worth every penny!

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8 thoughts on “Cost of Eating Local, Organic Food

  1. Thanks for posting. It’s great to encourage people that they can do it! We, too, eat mostly local and fresh, have a garden and a few chickens, and buy local grass-fed meat. It’s not that hard to plan ahead. I also shop sales and discount groceries.

    • It’s so great to hear from others who also make it a priority to eat nourishing, local, whole foods! It’s so helpful to be able to grow some of your own food and that is wonderful that you have chickens!! My husband and I are saving up to move out of our stuffy apartment and onto a little land as soon as we find something affordable. Would love to be farming on a small scale and earn a little income with it.

  2. Where I live the local grocery stores promote locally grown food, all through the summer and fall I stock up on any produce I can freeze, I keep a freezer full of local berries all year long (smoothie junkie) and I have raspberries that grow in backyard. I too try and buy local organic whenever I can.

    • That’s so wonderful!! I’m really glad to hear that people have easy access to local, organic, nourishing food. It’s so important that we have this available to us and that we demand it! Great job freezing in season produce for the winter! I just froze a huge bag of cut up peppers from a friend’s garden and still have a bunch left to do. I also picked apples from another friend’s orchard and made 11 pints of apple sauce. I love saving food for winter! 🙂

  3. I purchase only organic and non-gmo groceries for my family of 5. The amount per person you calculated was about right for us too, our monthly grocery bill is $1000-$1200. Before we switched to organic healthy living our grocery bill was aprox. $800-$950 a month.

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  6. Ԍood info. Lucky me I came across your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book marked itt for later!

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