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My Struggle with Candida


For several years I was struggling with yeast infections and excessive discharge, vaginitis, and anal itching and had no clue what could possibly be causing all of this. It wasn’t happening all the time, but the problems were recurring. Going to doctors and getting prescriptions hasn’t ever appealed to me so I always let the infections, inflammations, and itchy rashes pass naturally. Normally they would be gone in a few days and I might get another one a few months later… I didn’t think much of it when I was younger. Over the years I have grown very aware of the foods that I eat and all the elements that I put in and around my body, so it’s ironic that these issues are worse now than ever before! I’m talking intolerable conditions when sometimes just walking out to the car puts me in extreme discomfort because of the swollen thrush on my inner thighs and outer vagina.

I realized about 2 years ago that what I have been experiencing all these years (off and on since I was 17, I’m 26 now) has been CANDIDA OVERGROWTH. What is candida? They are a yeast-like fungus that is present in almost everyone’s digestive system. They are totally normal, until you get too many of them and then they cause major imbalances in the digestive system, reproductive system, and immune system. There are many potential causes of candida overgrowth and I am certain that my problem arose when I began taking birth control pills. I only took them for maybe 3 months of my life, but after I started taking them is when I got my first yeast infection and the series of candida related discomforts that I’m still experiencing 9 years later.

The most beneficial way to treat candida is with diet, and for me this has been difficult. I concern myself a lot with the purity and quality of the food I eat. I’ve been growing organic food on farms and at my own home for 4 years now. The meat I eat is butchered by me personally or a farmer who I know grazes their animals on grass, uses no hormones or any antibiotics and other chemicals at all. I drink raw goat’s milk from a farmer who lives just outside of town, raises their goats completely naturally and in harmony with their ecosystem. I drink herbal teas that I blend myself. I juice several times a week. I eat fresh organic local fruits and veggies. I even make my own kombucha and kefir which I drink regularly! So what is causing my candida to hang around so long and be more invasive than ever? My guess is my love of whole grains especially gluten, possibly other starchy foods like tapioca, and the amount of fruit and other sugars I eat.

Gluten, starchy foods, and sugar are the main culprits in feeding the candida. So it’s simple, I just need to get rid of those items from my diet… easier said than done! I love baking brownies with freshly ground kamut flour and coconut sugar and I love eating sourdough breads from our local bakery. This summer I have been having serious fruit cravings and eating peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, berries, and every other sort of local fruit I can find on a daily basis. Since I’ve been pregnant my body has been craving so much fruit and I’m not considering denying myself of something my body needs. But maybe the sugar isn’t a big issue for me and it’s just the gluten I need to work on. Many people are able to eliminate their candida while still eating fruits. They eliminate the starch and yeasted or gluten products and they add lots of probiotics and other treatments into their life. I’m going to start by taking out one candida promoting element at a time and see what happens. First step is to eliminate the gluten completely.

I am going to defeat this candida. It is not something I want to live with and it can actually do a lot of damage over the years if left untreated. I’m also concerned that my baby is going to have issues with thrush since I am experiencing a lot of thrush in my reproductive organs. So here we are. I’m keeping a candida log on my blog so I can better hold myself accountable and also to reach out to others who are going through a similar experience. We can overcome!

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7 thoughts on “My Struggle with Candida

  1. Hi regrowroots. My name is Suzanne and I to have dealt with Candida for a long time. I have tried all of the Candida diets there are and elimination diets like you but nothing worked for me with the exception of eliminating a few specific foods. I always thought sugar from fruits and whole grains were the problem to but after eliminating those my candida overgrowth still hung around, plus I started craving bad carbs to fill the void and I would eventually binge and things would get worse than before I cleansed. It wasn’t worth it to me so I started researching again and I finally found something that works not only for me but others I know. So I just started a blog last week about my experiences and what is currently working for me without all of the major deprivation that comes from many plans. If you are interested in my tips and advise please follow me at theelsaexperiment. I know how suffering from candida can feel and the frustration that comes with it and I really just want to help others with everything I have learned so others can feel better like me.

    • Thank you for sharing your comment and your blog. I checked out your blog and it’s nice, but I can’t find anything regarding what has helped you with your candida. What things have you used to help remedy your candida?

  2. I was in my 20’s when I first started having major problems with candida. Through diet (I was on it for 1 year) and supplementation I was able to regain my health. It was a hard path to follow, but I had never felt better in my life. 14 years and 2 kids later, I’m having issues again, especially with hypothyroidism. My bloodwork says my thyroids levels are within normal range. I know candida can cause thyroid issues, so in desperation to stop feeling so bad I am going back on the candida diet. September 14th is the date I have set to get started. I have 2 weeks to prepare. I’ve done it before and can do it again. Good luck with your efforts!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m so glad that you were able to heal your body of candida and feel great for so many years! That is wonderful news. 🙂 What sort of supplements were you taking 14 years ago? After you cured from the candida, were you able to eat gluten foods, sugars, and the things that can cause candida flare ups without seeing an issue until recently? I’m doing great with my candida diet so far, had very little flare ups. I just have to stick with it and once the baby is born, I’ll do a deeper cleanse.

  3. I didn’t (and still don’t) have a problem with occasional gluten. My main problem-causers are sugar and dairy. And wine. For daily supplements I took a good multi-vitamin and fish oil (now I’d probably use coconut oil instead). For my adrenals I took vitamin C, B-complex, and pantothenic acid. I also took garlic capsules, capryllic acid, and probiotics daily to specifically address the candida. I did a couple of herbal cleanse programs (one being the Para Cleanse by Nature Sunshine). I also rotated several antifungals on a weekly basis. Those were olive leaf extract, oregano oil, colloidal silver, and grapefruit seed extract. The herbal cleanses and antifungals were really helpful for me. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend those for you since you are pregnant.

    • Wow you had a heck of a vitamin routine going. That’s awesome that you found so many things to help you! Dairy has no negative effect on me when it’s RAW dairy. I totally cannot digest hormone filled homogenized milk though, that flares up my candida like crazy. I wish you all the best on your journey towards wellness.

  4. Hi REGROWROOTS, this is Rebecca @ Beds On Clouds /854 Victorian Inn in Windham ,NY . You do interesting things !!!! I have the nasties Candida a person can have . It drives me nuts !!! You all know what I mean !! I thought that goat products are not considered dairy. Little did I know !! I am not from here !!
    I was even misdiagnosed for INVERTED PSORIASIS !! But it is CANDIDA ALBICANS . There are many different strains of Candida I understand. I am doing EVERYTHING possible . 1 every morning first thing Diatomacious Earth (Food grade from Healthworks . 2 heaping tablespoons in water/juice ect. 10 pounds @ 14,00 plus shipping .Its the best for for a host of conditions ) I also take 2 tablespoons of RAW Coconut oil, working up to 4 !! Its anti parasitical ,anti bacterial ect. And I do OREGANO OIL from
    GLOBAL HEALING CENTER and an Antifungal MICOZIL. Silver, olive leaf, These bugs get used to the stuff we are doing and we have to rotate them. I didn’t know that. There also is an awesome NP in Newzealand Eric Bekkens , the” Candida Crusher “. he is on the YOUTUBE. I learned a lot from him. Probiotics and supplements and what we can eat !!!! Have you heard about the Vitamin MOVIE ? Google it.
    And now I even take NYSTATIN ,pills and cream . And if you want to kill the crazy itch get yourself VAGISYL or VAGYSIL . They have it at VITACOST.COM !! It’s not for healing but it makes you feel like a normal person for a few hours !! I am determined to get rid of this. Good luck to all of us .W


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