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My Pregnancy Diet WITHOUT Prenatal Vitamins


I’m coming up on week 23 of my pregnancy and everything is going beautifully! I found my midwife who is incredibly open and understanding to my beliefs. To the surprise of many, I have not taken any prenatal vitamins and I don’t plan on starting it. Why do I not take them? I just really don’t like pills! I have found some good ones that are made with whole foods so the vitamins are actually very available to the body, but I have never liked taking any pills and I just forget to take them even when I WANT to.

Cod liver oil is something I tried to start taking, especially when I found out I was pregnant. I realize the benefits of it, it’s a whole food, super nourishing… but I just couldn’t ever remember to do it because I’m subconsciously anti-pill. So I didn’t even try any other prenatals.

How do I get my vitamins and minerals? From food of course!! I eat A LOT of food every day, food that is very rich and dense with vitamins and minerals. My food is extremely important to me and I take great care in what I choose to eat. The bulk of my diet is organic and sourced from local farmers who I know and talk to. I grow vegetables at my own home and I have recently been offered the task of slaughtering and butchering people’s chickens and other pesky critters to take home and eat. Raw milk is a big part of my diet, sourced from grass fed, free ranging Jersey cows. I drink 3 or more cups of raw milk a day. We also make yogurt and kefir from the milk which I also consume daily. I’m blessed to be pregnant during the Spring and Summer when there is an abundance of local, organic fruit growing around me. I eat LOTS of fruit every day. I also eat a lot of meat, including livers and hearts because they are very rich in nourishing vitamins and minerals.

There is no method to my food, other than listening to my body. I don’t know the science and specifics behind what I “should” be eating, and I don’t necessarily want to concern myself with any of that. My body knows what it needs and I don’t deny it. When I have a craving, I listen to it. If I want to eat 5 peaches, I go for it. Some days I want meat with every meal. Some days I want eggs for dinner. Other days I want nothing to do with meat and I just feel like eating greens for every meal. I trust my body to tell me what it needs.

As for the health of the baby, all is well! I have had the most minimal amount of tests that I can get and everything has turned out perfectly. The baby is moving every day, definitely an active little thing! The heart is beating at a steady pace. My hemoglobins and sugar levels are all good. Everything is peachy!

In closing, trust your instincts. You know what you need better than anyone else. Prenatal vitamins might be great for many women and there are some amazing options out there, but they aren’t for me. 🙂

For a more detailed and scientific approach to the diet approach to pregnancy well-being, check out this amazing post by the Holistic Squid : The Outlandish Alternative to Prenatal Vitamins


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2 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Diet WITHOUT Prenatal Vitamins

  1. I birthed 4 of my 5 children with no prenatals, I never felt the were necessary. Listening to your body IS the best tool!!
    Thanks for the post and the link, I’ll check that out now.

    • I totally agree with you that listening to our bodies is the best tool we have. There is no doctor in the world that knows more about me than I know! If we all took the time and opened up our consciousness to listen to ourselves, we would be a lot better off. 🙂 Hope you like the link I shared. I LOVE Holistic Squid’s blog. It’s fabulous.

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