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Natural Pregnancy Update at 5 months



Here I am almost 5 months exactly from the time of my conception and I’m feeling fantastic! The second and third month were filled with lots of morning sickness and food aversions, but I figured out what helped and got over that pretty quick. Since then I have had great energy, have been eating lots of healthy foods VERY regularly and everything is great.

Tests… Midwives… Doctors…

I have not been to a single doctor, OB/GYN, nurse, midwife, or any other so-called “professional” during my pregnancy so far. Shocking! I have been doing my research and I’m a huge believer in the power of creating my own destiny and reality. With my positive thinking and also growing my knowledge of healthy natural births, I know that everything is okay. There is no need to stress.

That said, I did find a really nice midwife located in Barryville, Arkansas about 30 minutes from where I live in Branson, Missouri. It has been tough finding midwives in my area because there are so few of them and I honestly can’t even remember how I found this one… I will be meeting her for the first time next Thursday and from our phone conversation I have a really great feeling about it! She does a free consultation in the comfort of her stucco home and she said I can stay for as long as I want and ask all the questions I can think of. She mentioned nothing of pricing yet, which is very nice since every other person and birthing center I have called are pretty pricey and have a very specific payment method laid out… little wiggle room.

In other news…

My mom and I are planning a baby shower for August!! We hope to have it at a local pub that a lot of mine and Carlos’ friends hang out at. They have a beautiful patio with lots of tables, and a lovely indoor pub since it will be hot and muggy in August and I’m sure people will want to venture indoors. My ideas include:

  • a handmade organic theme, no crappy store bought gifts!
  • live music played by our friends
  • local food including potato salad, fruit salad, meats, & sweet treats

A pub baby shower might sound a little strange to some, but so does natural births and getting no tests or ultrasounds! I’m having so much fun and feeling so great with this pregnancy and my fabulous, amazing, sexy husband has been totally supportive the whole time! We are blessed.

Check out my baby list if you’d like to buy us a gift. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Natural Pregnancy Update at 5 months

  1. Lookin’ great, girl! You are a lot braver/confident than me, opting to skip the doctors and ultrasounds and such. Maybe because my dad worked in the medical community, I just gravitate towards the convenience of it all…but I have hired a doula to be my “right-hand lady” during my hospital birth – hopefully that will put the kibosh on any unnecessary interventions!

    I love the idea of a casual baby shower at a pub – it fits your personality and will become the perfect memory from this special time!

    • I have learned a lot about the medical industry through personal and family experiences. Although some doctors are very helpful and search for a full understanding and connection to the patient, this is rarely ever the case. I’m so happy that you got a doula. I have heard many amazing birthing stories where the woman did give birth in the hospital but with the help of a midwife or doula who made sure that everything went naturally and peacefully. As long as you know how you want the experience and are aware of yourself I think your birth will be beautiful. 🙂

      We may actually do the baby shower at a local coffee shop that our friends own. I think that would be even nicer and they have a beautiful patio that I have actually planted plants throughout with the help of friends.

  2. You look so cute in the picture at 5 months! Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy and birth! I have had three sons three ways – the first a natural birth (no drugs), the second had to be a cesarean section (placenta previa) and the third with drugs! The third one with the drugs was necessary when I labored for two days. I just couldn’t take it anymore. The baby was backwards and big. All three turned out just fine, and that’s what really matters in the end. The two oldest are grown now with babies of their own. Enjoy every minute of every day – it goes by so fast!
    Oh, thanks for visiting me at my blog site! Keep in touch!

    • That’s so interesting that you were able to experience birth in three different ways. I believe every birth is totally unique. 🙂 This pregnancy has been amazing for me, beautiful and magical every day. I am learning more about my body and myself and life every day. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been pregnant for more than 6 months already! Wow… the time does go by. It is so powerful to live in the moment and enjoy all of it, good or bad, it’s all perfect.

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