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Natural Holistic Remedies for Abscess Tooth


What is an abscess tooth?

An abscessed tooth is an infection that can result in swelling. It normally looks like a boil on your gum between your tooth and gum. It is generally caused by a foreign element that gets into a decayed or decaying tooth, but can also be caused by dead cells from your body that get stuck or by a traumatic event like a cracked tooth.

The infection and decay of teeth begins with your diet, not with bacteria like people want you to think. Historically, tribal peoples all over the world suffered from little to no tooth decay. They did not brush their teeth or floss each day, but they ate a very traditional diet that they had been eating for generations. With our modern diets of heavily processed and chemical-filled foods, we have seen a massive rise in tooth decay! So the first step to healing your teeth is to adopt a very traditional diet. There are many amazing books and blogs that you can read to get started on that journey…

An abscessed tooth can be a very serious issue and may lead to a life threatening infection if it is not dealt with immediately. These remedies are meant to be used by generally healthy people who are not suffering from any severe chronic issues. I advise everyone to do what they feel is necessary for their unique body. This may mean seeking a health care professional.

Natural Remedies for Abscessed Tooth


  • Clove Essential Oil – This will help to kill the infection and also relieve any pain that you are feeling. Brush your teeth gently with clove oil, rub it onto your gums, and put it on a tooth pick and stick it into your tooth if there is a hole from a cavity, etc.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – When I didn’t have clove, I used peppermint to help with the pain and it worked like a charm!
  • Oil of Oregano – This is a powerful immune booster, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant. It will help to kill the infection fast and boost your immune system so it can heal up. It is known to be very effective in curing tooth ailments.
  • Oil Pulling – An ancient Ayurvedic healing tradition, oil pulling has been used for many years to remove toxins from the body. I use organic coconut oil to do my oil pulling because it has anti-bacterial and immune boosting properties. Take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth, through your teeth and gums for 10-30 minutes. Do not swallow it! After at least 10 minutes spit it out and rinse your mouth out.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Use real organic ACV like Bragg’s or something homemade if you have access to it. Swish it around your mouth for a few minutes and spit it out. It will help to disinfect and bring down the swelling.
  • Drain the abscess – If you are going to do this, you must be VERY cautious. First, make sure to completely sterilize your needle and tools with alcohol. Prick a little hole or two in your gum where the boil is. Then release the toxic pus with a Q-tip by pushing on the abscess. Make sure you don’t swallow any of the pus because it does contain toxic infectious bacteria.
  • Raw Garlic – I took a clove of garlic and mashed it a little so the juice would come out and I stuck it right between my gum and lip. This helps to kill the infection and also eases the pain and boosts the immune system.

The Story of My Abscess

I recently suffered from an abscess tooth just a few days ago. It started on Monday when I went on a sugar binge and ate a bag of gummy bears. Some bits got stuck in my decaying tooth and later than night I got a HUGE toothache that would not go away. I started with the peppermint oil and oregano oil immediately. I could barely sleep that night and was putting on oil over and over again. On Tuesday morning I woke up with a huge boil between my gum and tooth so I did an oil pull, used more peppermint and oregano oil. That night my toothache had subsided, but the boil (abscess) was still there. I went for the needle and pricked about 5 holes in my gum. Barely any pus came out… I washed my mouth out with apple cider vinegar and brushed my teeth with lavender oil to calm my nerves a little bit. Then I put on some more oil of oregano. I woke up on Thursday morning (today) with no pain and all the swelling was gone! I had also been feeling a lot of pain and swelling in my lymph node from the infection, but that is almost gone too! I successfully cured my infection!

Update 10.08 – Since I cured the infection and haven’t had any pain since, I decided not to go see a dentist about it. I routinely use oregano oil to brush my teeth and do oil pulling once or twice a week. My gums and teeth are becoming stronger.

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187 thoughts on “Natural Holistic Remedies for Abscess Tooth

  1. I’ve done the oil pulling and my abscess is gone the whole day, the days I’ve missed, my abscess is back.
    I did the organic clove oil and it definitely helped with pain I had from this tooth in the past. No more pain for months.
    I’m also doing fermented cod liver -butter oil and after 1 week, my tooth no longer feels loose.
    Thank you for posting your info.
    Love your blog.

  2. I love your blog!
    Question though…I recently had 4 teeth filled by a dentist that did not care because it only took him 30 minutes! For the next couple weeks I was in horrible pain and could only eat soft food after I got these teeth worked on. They did not hurt before and I am fearing he caused damage to them.
    I went to a different dentist to get a different opinion and he said I may need 2 root canals on two of the teeth that were recently drilled and $5,000 worth of work done! He has also put me on an antiobiotic which has made my teeth not better at all! But I’m thinking once I’m off I can go full throttle with the natural stuff.
    I do not think I need the root canals because the pain is not getting worse and has slowly gotten better, it has been about 1.5 months since the fillings.
    Should I go get these root canals done or should I stick with these natural remedies? ( I have been oil pulling every morning already).

    Your opinion would be awesome! Thanks!

    • In the experience I’ve heard from many people, root canals do not solve any problems. It may help for a short amount of time and that is all. Stick with the natural remedies and add mineral rich foods to your diet. Bone broth, organ meats, greens, and fermented foods like kefir, homemade yogurt, and sauerkraut. Well wishes!!

      • I had 2 rcanels cannels done which brought me to this sight of natural healing. Those are the only two teeth that are creating any of my problems and I can’t financially afford to correct the 2500 worth of issues there creating. My breath wakes me up at night. I can’t just get it pulled due to the fact that it is my front tooth and I work. A del should have to inform a person of the risks a root canal can cause and I’m a generally healthy average person so this isn’t health induced

    • Carli, I have or had an Abscess tooth and the dentist wanted to do a root canal. The tooth under it, my crown had fallen off and even though I have had no problem or pain, they wanted to do another root canal. $3300. for both. I went on antibiotics and did a lot of research. I found a book on how to heal your cavities and after reading it, it made me very angry toward dentist. If they drill, they use ultra high speed drills to save time, but the downside is, it damages the tooth because of the speed. The majority of dentist were taught to drill, that’s where the money is and the root canals of course.

      Its been almost 4 weeks, I oil pull, 3x a day if I can and no problem since. If you google about root canals a lot of professionals (not dentists) say that why would you leave a dead tooth in your body. No doctor, no matter what kind of medicine does not leave dead pieces of anything in ones body. They are now finding that it may cause death. There is no way to get rid of all the bacteria after a root canal and they say it can go to organs in our body and people are dying from it. No direct proof, but these are taught to make money and taught that root canals are the best thing since slice cheese.

      I have had 2 root canals in the past and both the crowns have fallen off numerous times. The dentist charged me each time I had to go back, but it was poor workmanship that caused all the problems.. I had to have both teeth pulled. All that money I paid out was for nothing.

      I am not going to have any more root canals! I will now if I have to pull the tooth rather then have a root canal, and have an implant.

      • Hi Tom I feel the same I will either do the regimen on here or have the tooth pulled this doing root canals is over I have an appointment tomorrow for a filling he will either fix it or pull it, my teeth are soft teeth anyway and it is pointless in even having anymore root canals done I hate to go to dentures but he leaves me no choice….

    • I had a similar experience when i had cavities filled. I CALLED my dentist and told them it hurt so bad after having my cavities filled and hurt to eat anything solid they told me sometime they don’t get the fillings deep enough which causes pain. So they had me come back in and after having them fix it a day later I was pretty much pain free and could eat solid food again.

  3. Thanks so much for the great info here! I have been oil pulling twice a day and the abscess came to the surface on my gum and it’s been draining for a few weeks now. Do you know of anything I can do to speed this process along? Like to pull all the infection out faster? I’m still oil pulling twice a day. Thanks for your help!

    • I have drained an abscess by sterilizing a needle with alcohol and poking a small hole i it. It drained that day. Make sure to spit out all the stuff that drains. Try not to swallow it.

      • I’ve been oil pulling for 3 days – my abscess started on Saturday, I started oil pulling on Monday, and then I lanced it Tuesday night with no luck. Wednesday morning I woke up to it draining – yay! However it keep draining – from time to time if I push on it more pus comes out – ugh. Is there anything else that can be done to stop the production of pus?

  4. Hey, I wanted to try some of the oregano oil to help heal my abscess. I just went to a dentist and was told I need a root canal and crown which costs way too much. I have had this abscess on my gums for many years, and I really do not want a fake crown. Any advice for a gum abscess that has been going on for years? I really like the idea presented here, but I am not sure if it will work on a gum abscess that has been draining for about 5 years everyday. What is your opinion on this? Thank you in advance too!

    • I believe that following the steps outlined in this blog post you can have success. There’s no harm in trying it! Oil pulling twice a day is an exceptional remedy, and the oregano oil is wonderful as well.

      • I totally agree. I’ve had two abscesses (or fistulas as I have seen them called) on my gums UNDERNEATH two failed root canals. One is totally healed (after oil pulling for months) while the second one is a bit more stubborn. It is still not quite gone, but I continue to do oil pulling (although not as often as I should at this point!!) and use clove oil as well. I also noticed an improvement once I began taking Astaxanthin (an anti-oxidant). Consistency is key – make sure to oil pull at least once a day (preferably in the AM when you first awaken). Good luck.

  5. Can someone please contact me if my tooth nerve infection has to with being undetneath my filling can i still cure it naturally? I am very skeptical of dentists. please help missiontozen@gmail

  6. I have a tooth abscess, the denist says I need a root canal but I don’t want one. Pls can you tell me, if the oregano was a 100% or diluted. Plus how often did you apply it.. Thank you so much

    • Hi Beverly. Root canals only last a few years maximum for most people, and then they need another or they get their tooth extracted in the end… it’s a horrible scam. I used the oregano oil in a base of olive oil. You can use it straight if you can tolerate it, but it’s very strong. Use it several times a day. Something else to seriously consider is oil pulling. It works miracles!

  7. Yes it’s me again. I’m getting disappointed. I see what I wrote in March and can’t believe I’ve been doing the oil pulling, fermented cod liver oil since than. I went to an endodontist who said my tooth is dead. For one week now I’ve added oregano oil, arnica, calloidal silver and garlic. I read about bringing blood flow back to the dead nerve with cayenne pepper. My tooth is very, very strong in my mouth with no odor. Can I save my tooth? P.S. my sister’s tooth was turning black and after doing a lot of natural healing it’s turning light again.

    • When a tooth is very badly decayed, most of the time you can stop any further decay and much of the time you can improve it as well. Dietary changes make a lot of difference in the teeth, so consider reading a book called “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel. It shines a lot of light on how our diets effect our teeth. Don’t give up. You are doing great and I’m sure you will make some improvements.

      • Your great. I love your positive attitude. Yes. I have the book cure tooth decay. I won’t give up. I’m giving it 2 more weeks. I just got Oralive which claims to improve a bad tooth. I’m gonna do my protocol twice a day starting today. I wish more people had your attitude. Smiles.

    • When you say arnica, do you mean the gel, the oil, or the tablet?

    • Hi. Have you had any success on healing your dead tooth? What was it that your sister did to heal her tooth? I just discovered today that my molar is turning dark and has no sensitivity,so I assume it’s dead. If I can’t can’t reverse it, I want to at least stop it from getting worse until I can afford a transplant with one of my wisdom teeth.

      • I have not brought a dead tooth back to life, but using these techniques I have stopped it from getting worse. I have heard people have reversed their dead teeth.

  8. Hi,

    Another Love your blog fan: I went to the dentist about 6 weeks ago and they wanted to do two root canals and crowns etc. They wanted over $3,300 for that. It seems like such a waste of money because I already had two root canals on two other teeth and the crowns fell off repeatedly. The dentist charged me each time, even though now I realize he was a bad dentist. I lost both teeth eventually and spent a lot of money for nothing! I bought Nagel’s book and started following the diet.

    I went back to the dentist (my new one which is as big a rip off as the old one) and they said the upper infection was gone in the abbess, but the tooth would still need the root canal. The bottom tooth they said was dead and turning black and there was nothing I could do about that one either, other than root canal. I then talked about Nagel’s book and why we have cavities and all they did was nod their heads and say, no way that would’t work. Either root canal or pull the tooth. They disregarded any talk about diet or nutrition or oil pulling, like they never heard of it. I’m not listening to their advice!!

    i oil pull and try to stay on the diet, but will my dead tooth ever come back? It is not completely black and I have no pain. They said it was dead all the way down to the root.

    Thanks for listening (or reading in this case),


  9. Hi, my name is Sarah. I am 21 years of age, and my past dental history hasn’t been great. Most of my molars as a child formed cavities, not to mention was filled by a non caring dentist. So as I aged, my teeth, even though I brushed regularly, started to decay any by the age of 19, I received my first root canal because of an abscess. Over the course of the following two years, I have had only one more root canal, and all my fillings replaced. But now I have developed a swollen area around a molar, next to one of my root canals. I have a suspicion that it is the start of an abscess. I have tried brushing and swishing regularly and also oil pulling. The oil pulling works to a certain degree, but the swelling returns. I was just in need of any advice at this point. I really do not want to have another root canal at only the age of 21 years old. Thank you.

  10. What is ACV?

  11. I found testimonials on curing a abscess tooth and was encouraged to add garlic to my protocol. They weren’t kidding. I put garlic right on the gum of abscess. Burned like crazy and even a little blistering. I was so worried. The next day, just like the testimonials, it’s gone and now going on 2 weeks. The longest my abscess has been gone. I’m still doing the arnica, oil pulling each morning, fermented cod liver butter oil, bio-dent, probiotic, oralive, oregano oil, silver colloids. No grains, nuts, seeds or beans. The think that seems to work the best is the garlic.

  12. What are you thoughts on this for baby teeth? My son has an abcess on one decayed tooth and they want to pull it. Poor kid is already missing 3 teeth from a falling accident and knocking them out. I gave him the amoxicillin for a week (which i didnt want to) and there was no change. Today I had him oil pull. He can only do it for about two rounds of the ABCs song lol. And we are doing it 3 times a day. I also got him a chewable cod liver oil vitamin. His appointment is next week. What do you all think? Just pull it?

    • Hi Kandis. I apologize it took me a while to get back to you. Have you read anything about the relationship between tooth decay and nutrition? I strongly encourage everyone to read Ramiel Nagel’s book Heal Tooth Decay and also look into Weston A Price’s work regarding tooth decay. It is very enlightening. Your little one can heal, he is still young, but you must figure out what changes need to be made within his diet. I wouldn’t suggest pulling the tooth. It will fall our when it’s ready. Try some of the remedies I have listed here to help with the pain. Also, make sure he’s eating probiotic foods. Hope this helps. Great job with the cod liver oil and oil pulling! Best wishes to you both. 🙂

      • He did have it pulled and when it heals I will continue the oil pulling. I think he had an allergic reaction to the cod liver oil so I stopped for now and will try it again to see. Thanks for the reply.

  13. Regrow Roots, I have read Ramy Nagel’s book, but where do you go to get the foods and ingredients he recommends? I believe the theory, but how do you put it into practice? For instance he talks about eating organic butter, raw unpasteurized milk, bone soup, kefir etc. Do you have advice as to where to find these things?

    I have never found any of these things in the grocery store or even in health food stores. Where do you find them?

    I have followed his advice to eat liver and organ meats and use cod liver oil, but a lot of the other stuff seems nowhere to be found.

    • That’s great! I’m glad to hear that you are taking the advice of the book. Many of the foods recommended you will have to prepare for yourself. Raw milk is available in most places, but sometimes it’s hard to find because it’s illegal to sell in stores. You may have to go to the farm to buy it. This website can help you locate raw milk – . Kefir is made from raw milk and you will need kefir grains to start it. You can find these online or ask around and you may be surprised to find out that you have a friend who has extra kefir grains. Bone broth is made from the bones of animals. It’s best to get bones from local organic free range sources so go to your local farmers markets and find out if the meat producers are selling bones. They are usually very inexpensive. YOu can find loads of bone broth recipes online. I just throw in my bones, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, salt, pepper, and sometimes other herbss and spices and let it cook for anywhere between 24 hours and 3 days. I get organic butter from the local health food store. Hope this helps, best of luck to you!

    • One place you can start looking for these products is Whole Foods or they can refer you to where you can find them, they may carry kefir and grass fed soup bones, and there is a store around Milwaukee or other areas called the health hut, and they carry a good variety of things, I heard of the book, I think he’s a great author, I also have an abscess that I need to take care of, I think the oil pulling is a great thing…

  14. I was wondering. Since you used the Oregano oil, has the infection returned, spread? Any residual issues?

    • I have had no return infections since beginning my holistic treatments. There was one other tooth giving me problems later on, mainly because a wisdom tooth was growing into it. I ended up getting it pulled and keeping the wisdom tooth. That wisdom tooth already had a cavity formed and was pretty blown out by the time it grew in, but I still have it and normally doesn’t cause me trouble.

  15. If you still update this let me know.

  16. Ugh my poor 3 yo has SPD (sensory processing disorder) & has never been a very good eater b/c of it. He gags on most foods. So needless to say following Ramy nagel’s diet is next to impossible. The worst day was having to have at the time my 2 yo go into surgery for over 3 long hours. I still cry about it to this day. Well he has since had to have 1 of the root canals pulled b/c of an abscess. That was a nightmare as he wouldn’t take in the nitrous oxide & wound up throwing up all over us after 3 of us had to hold him down. He’s freakishly strong & is more the size of a 5-6 yo. Anyway I’ve discovered yet another abscess. He freaks at the mention of going to the dentist. I really don’t want him to lose yet another tooth if at all possible. I’ve been giving him super echinacea several times a day for almost 2 weeks & having him rinse with heal thy mouth oil. I tried oil pulling & he threw up. I’ve used a cotton swab with peroxide but that is with major resistance. Does any one have any additional advice as to what else I can try. My husband is going to make some colloidal silver again. I’m at a loss as to what else to do. I’m beyond stressed & feel so heartbroken for my son. He does not have his top 2 front teeth & 1year molar on the top. Thanks for any & all suggestions.

    • Hi, Wow I feel for you and your child. I suggest looking into the GAPs diet. Look at and his interview with Dr. Natasha Campbell. It may help or lead you in the right direction. Roxy

  17. Holly I am in the same boat as you! My 4 year old has SO many crowns and fillings… he also has SPD… and now I am pretty sure I see an abcess in the back. He fell and knocked 2 of his front teeth out and they had to crown a lower one in silver. My heart breaks for all of this dental work! Im following this for suggestions!

  18. I had a pin and post tooth come loose and fall out the dentist refuses to replace it ..telling me I need work that is going to cost more than i can afford to spend. started getting some pain and swellng like some infection was building up…i cant afford to have anymore teeth pulled and right now cannot afford the work so I started using the clove oil steam distilled … after a couple of days the swelling went down and no more pain… I have been brushing now with a new tooth powder mixed with activated charcoal and i clean my teeth after every meal and place a small cotton swab with a couple of drops of the clove oil on it in the space where the tooth is missing …i am trying to baby it along until I can get to where I can do the dental thing. But so far so good the clove oil is working

  19. I’m not sure why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end?

    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  20. Hi, I have enjoyed reading through the comments, and have gleaned some encouragement from the experiences that have been shared using oil pulling and essential oils. I have an “issue” going on currently, and I am dithering as to what would be the best option for my situation. I had a root canal done on molar #15 about 4 or 5 years ago. After it was done, I still was in pain 8 or 9 months later, so they did another look and came to the conclusion that it was actually the molar in front of it (#14) that needed the root canal. So after that one, things settled down, until about a year ago, when I bit down on a chewable Melatonin tablet from Trader Joe’s. It broke the crown on #15 and there was pain in that area for about 3 months, but then it subsided and I thought all was well, that is until about 2 months ago when I developed a fistula on the roof of my pallet near #15 molar. I had an appointment to get my teeth coming up soon, and I hoped it was just a minor thing, so when I got my teeth cleaned a couple weeks ago I showed the dentist, and he referred me to an endodontist, and said I would probably have to have an epyndectomy (sp?) I think I may have cracked the root on that molar, and after reading about all the negative health reactions root canals can cause, I think if I can’t heal it with oil pulling and clove oil and I’m taking colloidal silver, and turmeric capsules, and putting GSE on the site of the fistula, that I should have it pulled, but my dentist is trying to talk me out of it, because he says my teeth will drift out of place. Have any of you had a molar pulled there at the very back of your mouth and had teeth shift? I can’t afford an implant, even with 2 forms of dental insurance I only have $625 left on my account this year, then $1500 to work with in the new year. Thanks for you help! My only real concern at this point is how my sinus’ feel, very swollen, but my face looks normal : )

    • My Dad is in his 80’s and has had a missing molar since his 20’s. No shifting. My husband has a missing molar for 5 years now and no shifting either. I think if your roots are strong, no shifting.

    • I have also had molars removed. There was some shifting at first due to wisdom teeth growing in. After they were all in, I had one more molar pulled and my teeth have not shifted. Sometimes they may shift a little to fill in an empty space, but from what I have experience and heard it is only a slight shift.

  21. I must tell you what the latest it with my tooth. I had x-rays done at dentist and endodontist that showed my roots in tooth curled. I now know this is from trauma. Why? After 6 months I requested another x-ray and my roots are straight like arrows. Still a little blurry on one tooth because of abscess and infection but not as blurry. I was just about to get it pulled too. My fistula has been gone for a long time now since garlic. All I do now is raw milk, probiotics, fermented cod liver butter oil. I did a ozone treatment on root area. I just can’t believe it. The endodontist said my tooth was dead. Even the tech said, wait and see. In 4 months I’ll get another x-ray. Very excited.

    • That is fantastic!! I was recently having a lot of pain in again in a damaged “blown out” tooth. I started taking cod liver oil every day and since then, no pain! I also continue to oil pull on a weekly basis and I now chew on horsetail herb and take a little magnesium a few times a week. These things are definitely helping. Blue Pasture sells fermented cod liver oil and butter oil as a joint product and separately. They are fantastic and totally worth the price.

  22. Good to know, thanks for the info! Do you take a fermented cod liver oil with butter oil combo product, or are they two separate products? And where do you purchase them? Thanks!

  23. What to do if you swollow the pus in your sleep o ly a little from drainage and you vomited as soon as u woke up

  24. I’m looking for a remedy for a root canal I never had done, had some bleeding and think there may be a long time infection going on and tooth is turning color and I’m afraid it could be in my bloodstream as so much I read is there any help out there to restore this tooth and kill infection or abscesses that could be going on and hurting my health, help if you can thank you

  25. I try to avoid doctors and dentists at all costs because it have a heart arrhythmia and the shots they give to deaden the tooth are horrible on my heart. I am having a lot of pain and tenderness in a tooth. What do you recommend me doing? Thank you for any advice!

    • I highly recommend beginning with oil pulling right away and doing it at least once a day until all tenderness subsides. THen continue doing it daily or a few times a week. Also, you can use clove oil, peppermint oil, and/or lavender oil to help heal any infection and fight against the pain. It’s best to dilute any essential oils into a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. Read through this blog and follow all the advice that you feel would help. Experiment and see what works.

  26. Can you do oil pulling with any oil? You mentioned coconut but can you do it with peppermint? Obviously I wouldn’t with clove oil. I used that to help a tooth once over a number of days and caused an ulcer and took the top layer of my gum off. wasnt very nice.
    also my dentist said I need a root canal and started the procedure, I was in agony with the toothe, they drilled and put something next to my root to start the process. they said it sounds like my root is dead but I never got a definate answer. I do not wish to have the restof the procedure and have my root filed out or a crown. if my root is dead can it regrow too? Thanks

    • You can add an essential oil to your oil pulling, but the main part needs to be a normal vegetable or seed oil like coconut or sesame seed oil. You need about a tablespoon of it and swish around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. You could put a drop or two of peppermint essential oil into the veg/seed oil. Any more than that would probably be too strong.

  27. Thank you for sharing a few questions
    When using the clove and oregano oil, did you just put a few drops on your your tooth brush and brush the area? Also how long did you apply the oils for?

    The regiment starts with oil pulling then followed up with brushing with clove oil and lastly oregano oil?

    • Yes, I put a drop or two of clove onto a toothbrush and brushed with that. It helps to use a carrier oil like sesame seed, coconut, or olive oil. You can also take a tooth pick or a tooth stick, put some essential oil of clove or peppermint to the tip, and apply it to the gum line or into the tooth itself if there is a cavity or hole in the tooth. I did this during severe pain and found it very helpful. I did this several times a day on bad days, now I just brush with an oil mix once a day. The coconut oil pull is best done once or twice a day after you have eaten or a couple hours before a meal.

  28. I have a question. I injured my back left tooth on a rock I bit on in a salad I ordered. I immediately began to feel the worst gum pain ever. I went to the er and was given some meds. I then noticed that the area was hurting more so I went to a dentist. I was informed that I needed a root canal. I guessed he would say that. My biggest issue is this. I have noticed that on my face I have a raises blister like bump on my face in the exact position where the injured tooth is. I have been to different doctors who don’t know how or why its there. I’m given antibiotics that treat my tooth infection, yet that “bump” is still there. I’ve tried to self treat it and stick a sterilized needle in it and our comes out. Can someone please explain to me what it is and how I can treat this?

  29. Hi, i am needing some advice, I have a 7 yo and he has a capped tooth he has developed a fistula above it. I am all into natural healing and we will start doing an oil pull today. Is there anything else you can suggest for me to do. Also typically how long before I should notice results. We do not want to go to the dentist again and everything I have read says it needs to be pulled.

  30. Thanks so much for the info. It’s really useful.

  31. I developed tooth pain next to the tooth where I had root canal about 2 years ago. the area has always been sensitive, but two days ago it started to hurt, and kept me awake last night. I visited the dentist today and he prescribed antibiotics as an abscess is forming- I’m in a lot of discomfort so I’m taking them. I have not taken anti B’s for many years. anyway, he wants me to have a root canal filling at the end of February. I would rather go down the natural route. My teeth have always been fairy strong and i have an organic diet, but not tried any o the methods suggested here until tonight! I’m dabbing diluted clove oil onto the area.

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  33. Hi frnds.I think I have found rt place for my tooth problems n its regrow roots. I had very bad past as I have already 4 root canals done. Now my dentist says one of my teeth has died n infected my roots n needs to b surgical extractions as its infection is spreading in other teeth.when I TLD him d dead tooth is not giving any sort of troubles nor other teeths which acc to him àre in need of root canal he bluntly said he knows better. I have started oil pulling n garlic remedy. Will these help me. Plz frnds advice me. As I m all scared. I hardly have original teeths half r removed n in main 1 root canal is bn done.plz waiting for ur valuable advice. Will I b heal or willdis dentist win.

  34. How do you use the Oregano Oil properly? I’m very new to this and have 2 very sore teeth. Was hoping to try something natural.

  35. I had toothache so I went dentist they put me a temporary filling in and put me on amoxicillin I didn’t finish full course I went back to the dentist the following week and my face was swollen they gave me metronudazole later that day my swelling on face got worse and the pain they sent me home with co-amoxiclav it’s been 2 days now and pain is still there what should I use?

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  37. Do you mix the oregano oil with a carrier oil before applying it to teeth or brushing teeth with it?

  38. Hi, please can someone help as I am in pain and my dentist wants to remove the whole tooth. I’ve been trying the clove bud oil and garlic gloves directly on to my abscess but it’s Burnt my gums and lips and now I don’t know whether to continue. (My dentist said I shouldn’t)
    Am I doing it wrong?
    Please can someone explain how to get rid of the abscess and how I should apply the oils?
    I’m also coconut oil pulling but that doesn’t seem to be working (but at least it doesn’t hurt).

    My history of the tooth:
    I’ve had root canal and then a crown on my
    Tooth and it’s never been right… Used to hurt every now and then and also smell etc..
    Now I have a bubble on the gum above the crown, that sounds like the abscesses you’re all describing. It pops daily or I try and make it burst and puss comes out but I can’t get rid of it ;(
    I’m desperate to fix this naturally or with home remedies as my dentist wants to pull the whole thing and I don’t want that, I also can’t afford an implant. So I want to fix this infection and you guys are giving me hope!!
    Any advice on how to do this properly without burning etc would be gratefully received X

    This is for my friend who is unable to get to a computer at the moment.. She is desperate..
    Thanks in advance… 🙂

    • Hello Matthew. Sorry it’s been a while for me to respond. I hope that by now you have healed your abscess! Clove oil is far too strong for most people to apply straight. It is best to use a carrier oil like olive oil or grapeseed oil. Take a teaspoon of carrier oil and add 2-5 drops (or more if you can handle it) of clove oil to it, then apply that to the abscess and all around the tooth, back and front. Apply this several times a day. You can also crush some garlic, put that in carrier oil overnight, and then use the garlic infused oil.

  39. I have a tooth giving me issues from a root canal about 2 years ago that my dentist told me numerous times I didn’t need a cap on. The tooth now has a hole in the side. It’s been fine with the fake filling the last few weeks, but Monday it started giving me a lot of pain when biting down and felt “raised” like a previous abscessed tooth did. I picked up tea tree oil last night and have been washing my mouth out with that and it is now feeling better. My question is, after everything is back to normal do I keep using the tea tree oil and how often? Also, can I oil pull with coconut oil, while treating with tea tree oil?

    • Yes you can do oil pulling and treat with tea tree oil at the same time. Do you dilute the tea tree oil? I recommend diluting it, but if you can handle it straight that’s okay. You can even dilute it with coconut oil and do the oil pulling that way. Or keep the coconut oil plain.

  40. Hello,
    Can you please tell me if the abscess ever came back?
    I had a dentist replaced my amalgam filling in September 2015. It was second molar on the bottom left. Tooth became sensitive after the filling replaced. I couldn’t chew on that side.
    Two weeks ago I had a lot of pain in that area and dats later I had boil on my gum and then pus coming out of it. It is still slowly draining. I went to 3 different dentists. First one said tooth had to go. I asked him where the infection was. He thought it was in the middle of the root, but hard to tell. He said I had to take antibiotic prior to extraction. (I am currently breast feeding). Second dentist said tooth had to go, He said I could take antibiotic after extraction. Third dentist said tooth had to go but I could choose not to take antibiotic. I asked him where the infection was, he saidnon the bottom of the root. I can’t trust dentists these days. I have had so many bad experience. I had braces when I was young teen, dentist did such bad job that caused me to have root canal and bone loss. I am facing the likeliness to wear dentures at early age. It is very depressing. I don’t have bad hygene just bad dental work!
    I don’t have any pain on that tooth or gum anymore, the puss slowly draining. I am taking 3-4 gram of vitamin c everyday.
    Please let me know how that tooth is doing now.

  41. I am buying the Cure Tooth Decay book. Thank you. I have another root canal recommended and I’m supposed to dab a 1.1% sodium fluoride cream on the decay spot-at the base, under a crown, several times a day. The purpose of this is to harden the decaying part so I can hold off until I go to Mexico in August for the procedure (it’s a lot less money). I don’t want to put fluoride in my mouth. Will clove and oil pulling be effective instead of the fluoride?

    • Clove is very effective at getting rid of infections and oil pulling has been used by many people to heal tooth decay. They certainly do not hurt, there are no negative side effects that I know of.

  42. Please notify me of your answer by email.

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