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Natural Pregnancy . Creating life is natural and beautiful!


Mother Earth Pregnant Goddess by PearlWhitecrow

Mother Earth Pregnant Goddess by PearlWhitecrow

Pregnancy has been an incredible journey and it is totally enlightening, I’m learning so much about myself!! It’s an exciting new experience growing a real life human in my uterus right now! The other day when I was walking, I subconsciously placed my hand on lower belly and could feel a life spiraling around me. This is a different kind of life than little gassy indigestion amoebas.. it’s very spiritual and holy.

Birth is an absolutely holy thing for every woman. It is holy for a walnut to fall from a tree and years later there appears another walnut tree bearing so many fruits. Birth is magical! Birth is beautiful! Birth can be a spiritual awakening that connects a woman and her partner to god, the creation, light, source, the entire universe. Birth is NATURAL… It is nature. Human nature, animal nature, plant nature, and amoeba nature. Every life in this universe was born from something. To be more specific, female humans have been giving birth for a heck of a long time (as long as there have been humans) and we’ve been doing it without fail until now… and we are still doing it!

Gaia Goddess by Michelle Molesch

Gaia Goddess by Michelle Molesch

For some reason, doctors seem to truly FEAR BIRTH. It totally disgusts me to hear stories from pregnant friends about their experiences with doctors. Of course all doctors are different, and all midwives are different too, but for the most part the stories I hear from folks are just horrendous!

One friend of mine was pregnant with her first son and during her pregnancy went through many many ultrasounds. She got a C-section for that baby. That child started speaking late in his life and is still overcoming a speech impediment and is now 7 years old. A couple of years later when she was pregnant with her second child, she did not want to have a C-section. The only reason that doctor had for wanting to give her a C-section is that she had one before. She refused so the doctor dropped her, and so did the next 5 doctors! She finally found a doctor that would deliver her baby naturally and she had a perfectly healthy little boy! Why did these doctors refuse to deliver her naturally? Fear of some sort of liability.

Joyful Soda Fire Goddess by gislebertus

Joyful Soda Fire Goddess by gislebertus

I have two friends who are pregnant with twins right now and getting ultrasounds every two weeks. Their doctors also refuse natural birth and will only do a C-section to deliver twins. Yes, it is more of a hazard to deliver two or more babies because of the chances of them being at difficult angles, bleeding, tearing, etc. But it can be done and has been done many times! If a woman believes in herself and finds a spiritual midwife who is fully 100% present and aware of the moment, the birth will be a beautiful thing no matter what happens.

For my own pregnancy, I have no intention of going to a doctor or hospital at all and I am totally comfortable in that choice. I do not fear doctors but I find them totally unnecessary and unable to help me during this time. My partner Carlos has been the most amazing help for me throughout this time and I’m so thankful to have a fantastic and honest relationship with my life partner! We have a seriously tantric connection a lot of the time where he just knows what I need in that moment. He is the sweetest, most understanding, and very wise spirit. I’m blessed. We are all blessed and we all deserve the most amazing experience!!

I have been reading a book called Spiritual Midwifery written by Ina May that fills my heart with a beautiful realization that I CAN DO IT! Ina May is this amazing midwife who has been doing it for years and years and years, since the 60s. She shares stories from hundreds of women about their birth and all of them have this psychadelic experience during their pregnancy. Sometimes they are afraid or nervous, but their midwife helps bring them to a state of mind where they just are present with the miracle of life that is happening in their body! It is truly a magical thing. If you are pregnant, I highly suggest reading Spiritual Midwifery!

I have not yet found a midwife, but I know it will all happen naturally and beautifully. I have no doubt, no fear.

Things to think about…

Are ultrasounds causing the huge rise in autism?

Research on ultrasounds

Have you delivered a baby naturally or are you going through a natural pregnancy? I would love to hear your stories!

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21 thoughts on “Natural Pregnancy . Creating life is natural and beautiful!

  1. So glad that you are embracing your pregnancy, it really is a magical time! Also glad that you love Ina May too 🙂

    • Christine I so appreciate your recommending that book to me and the stories that you told me about your births were so inspiring!!! One of the stories I told in this blog was vaguely referring to you, but I know I butchered it because I didn’t actually remember the specifics… Would you be interested in writing a guest blog for me about your experiences? I think the story would be way better coming directly from your experience and my readers would love it!

  2. Lovely post, from one mama-to-be to another! I feel much as you do – pregnancy and birth are natural occurrences. There can be serious medical complications, of course, and they could require intervention, but my reading has shown me that it is rare. Like you say, the push for C-sections is due to a fear of legal action. That said, I recently read (on NPR, I believe) that a major medical board in the US is recommending fewer C-sections because they just aren’t as safe!

    I enjoy the midwife I found thus far. She is very pragmatic and not very “woo woo” spiritual as I am, but she is very committed to natural births. She is behind me 100% on moving around, not laying in a hospital bed, not being induced unless absolutely necessary, etc. She’s made me feel comfortable, even though I have to give birth at the hospital. (She doesn’t do home births and there are very few people around here who offer that – most are too far away.) Best of luck to you and your birth! I look forward to seeing more about your journey. 🙂

    • It is unfortunate that so few people know enough about midwifery to feel comfortable in delivering a child. It is an incredibly valuable skill to have! Even doctors know SO LITTLE about it, they know more about how to work machines than how to help a woman push a baby out of her vagina. Will your midwife be there with you at the hospital? That can be such a big help! I believe a woman can still have a very natural, beautiful birth in the hospital if she stays sober, no epidural, no inducing labor, just natural. I have heard it done many times and it’s fantastic! Of course most of the time it seems women are scared, nervous, and under epidurals and other drugs while delivering… which doesn’t make sense. Obviously a mama’s reproductive system is numbed by epidural, she will have a hard time pushing a baby out because she can’t feel anything! And then a c-section is called for… I wish you all the best, mama to be!!!

  3. Congrats, momma! I’m due with #2 in September and had a most wonderful natural pregnancy and birth experience the first time around, and am back with the same group of midwives this time. I hear you on the doctor thing; pregnancy is not an illness! I delivered in a hospital with the support of my midwife, no epidural and any position I wanted when I wanted it. I had a very primal, yes, almost psychedelic, experience. My eyes rolled into the back of my head at points and I just went with the flow and let my body do it’s thing. It was an incredibly empowering experience. I can’t recommend that natural birthing path enough to other moms. Unfortunately though, most look at me like I’m nuts. It’s unfortunate!

    • Kim thank you so so much for sharing your story with us! It is so inspiring and beautiful that you had a fantastic, natural birth in the hospital! It’s so crazy that pregnancy is treated like it’s an illness and cause for distress. A lot of the time doctors seem more capable of using machines and knives than helping a baby down the birth canal. So many doctors are completely out of touch with the reality of life and death… But that’s a broad subject that I won’t get into.

      Would you be willing to be a guest writer and do an article for my blog? I would love to do a series on powerful women with natural birth experiences and my readers would love it too!

  4. I’m not a mom, but I think very highly of midwifery. It’s amazing. My sister’s last two babies were born via midwife and I got to be there to see. Amazing! That SM book is awesome, too. My friend’s mother, Marbeth Dunn, wrote an essay in there. Very cool!

    • Oh that is amazing that you were there to see your sister give birth! It must be such an amazing experience! I’ve never seen it in real life but I totally feel a pull towards being around births more frequently and I’m so excited about doing it! How neat that you know someone who wrote an essay for the book. It is filled such amazing and powerful women!

  5. Yeah – it was truly amazing and I feel very blessed to have seen two of my nephews come into the world. I even got to cut the cord of the third! Just mind-blowing. I’m very excited for you!

  6. Dear Desiree, first congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Being pregnant and giving birth are indeed normal and natural things!

    I am a mom of two great grown-up kids myself, had a completely natural pregnancy and giving birth twice. I know that in the US, being hospitalised and sedated while giving birth is considered normal and you must be a brave person to stick to what you know is best… so good of you!
    In my little country (the Netherlands) home-births with a midwife are still quite normal, altough it is changing here also. You will get only one ultrasound, maybe two when there is cause for concern. When everything is normal, there is no interference, other than monthly checkups for bloodpressure, weight, the baby’s heartbeat etc. And there is no epidural during giving birth when there is no need.

    Of course there is pain involved… But I believe deeply, and have experienced myself, that this pain is helpful, even necessary! If you are able to relax, give yourself completely in this overwhelming process, really go into the pain it gives you a chance to be totally one with the universe in the present moment. Isn’t that something we all want? All the time? It is a glimpse of eternity…
    Also the pain will help you connect to your child in a very special way, it is something only the two of you share.
    And the beautiful thing is, once your baby is in your arms, there is no more pain. I know, it sounds like a cliché, but it is true! There is no memory of pain. You can remember you experienced pain, but the actual pain can not be recalled.
    Giving birth is such a wonderful thing! Every woman should have the opportunity to experience it with all her senses!
    And then, of course, breastfeed! for as long as you possibly can! That is also soo beautiful!

    I wish you a very happy pregnancy and birth!
    with love,

    • Dearest Florine,

      Thank you so so much for sharing your story with me! Birthing babies naturally is a remarkable miracle and blessing!! It is so wonderful to know that in the Netherlands it is normal for mothers to give birth at home naturally without epidurals and other interference. It’s wild to me how much interference the hospitals have in birth here and it’s completely unnecessary. It does way more harm than good in most cases. Many women I know really don’t like their pregnancy related doctor appointments and they are uncomfortable with their doctors, then they have such a hard time at their birth. People here think it’s the most horrendous feeling in the world to birth a child! It is horrible… So I hope to debunk some of those crazy thoughts and help to empower and motivate other women.

      Thank you so much for the love and positive energy! You are a beautiful spirit and I wish you and your children all the best!


  7. Beautiful sentiment, Desiree! I need to slow down and get myself into this mindset…I honestly haven’t felt like I’ve given my pregnancy the sacred attentiveness that it deserves. Too many other things going on in my life – but I’m sure I’ll get more focused as time goes on!

    • Life can get busy, but there is always time to do what you feel is important. I don’t spend all day thinking about how holy I am…haha I’m far from it! I do make time to sit and enjoy the sacred feelings of life and creation, for instance while I’m gardening or doing yoga. You are doing a wonderful job Corinne, living a beautiful life!

  8. My three pregnancies were my favorite time. Embrace it and love it! But, if something happens that causes you to take a slightly different path, then don’t hold yourself hostage – forgive yourself. My first delivery turned out a bit different than I had planned but I still got an amazing child and we’re both healthy.

    • Tammy thanks so much for your advice. It is true that things don’t always go as planned or hoped and it’s important to do whatever I need to do. I’m so glad you had beautiful pregnancies!

  9. It’s great that you’re making this choice to see pregnancy as a natural beautiful thing, I really enjoyed reading what you’ve written, beautiful imagery too, makes me feel the tiniest bit broody!

    • Thanks for your support! 🙂 It’s amazing to have really incredible people around me that totally see the logic in what I’m doing and also feel confident in me. I’m feeling very broody too! hehe

  10. I love this post!! I feel the much same way you do (although I didn’t know much about ultrasounds at the time and had one). I went to a midwife throughout my whole pregnancy and was determined to have a birth center birth (I live an hour away so home birth was not an option!). I ended up needing to go to the hospital after being in labor for 51 hours and pushing for 6. The baby was stuck and the midwives can’t legally use a vacuum out of hospital in our state =P The 30 minutes I was laboring in the hospital were 10 times worse then the whole 20 something hours I spent laboring at the birth center. It was horrible and impersonal and the mood in the delivery room was like I was being viewed as just another vagina and not a mother and a person. (Sorry if that sounds a bit vulgar). I hate how women fear giving birth these days. The media portrays it as some horrific, terrible event that doctors NEED to do for you because your just totally incapable of doing it yourself.

    If you’d like to read my natural birth story its here-

    With the mentality you have I’m positive you’ll do wonderfully =) Congratulations =)

    • Thank you so much for reading my post and sharing yours! Your birth experience sounds beautiful, up until the hospital intervention… There is a point sometimes when the hospital is necessary for mothers and it is very powerful to accept that. You did what you had to do and I admire you for that! It sucks that hospitals can create such a horrible experience for mothers though. I hear it all the time! I feel very confident that I won’t need to go to the hospital. I do have to take some tests at the health clinic in about a week. I haven’t had any tests done at all, aside from those done by my midwife. She requires a few tests just for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. I’m really not looking forward to it though… It’s mainly simple blood tests. They will want to do an ultrasound and I will decline. Not sure what else they will want to do… Even my midwife is still slightly confused by me not wanting to have ultrasounds, but she respects my decision. Even the simple doppler made my whole abdomen tense for the entire day. And the baby was punching it, obviously not liking the feeling… My midwife said that’s the first time she has ever heard of that. Guess I’m just really sensitive to those things. She is understanding though and I am grateful for that.

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