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Springtime Crafts – Get Outdoors!


The sun has been shining warm and bright for days now here in Missouri. Almost every night we get a beautiful Spring shower and the afternoon clears up to a beautiful day! Birds are chirping, squirrels are coming out of their homes, and I spend time outside every chance I get!

Today I’ve compiled a list of fantastic springtime crafts that you can make outdoors, display outdoors, and ones that are just plain Springy! Hope you enjoy…


How to Make Fabric Tassels – These tassels are so cute and can be made out of any scrap fabric you have laying around, so they’re eco-friendly too! Once you’ve put it together, you can drape them from your balcony, front porch, tree house, or fence!


Ideas to Dress Up Flower Pots – I love having all sorts of vintage and crafts flower pots on our patio outside. They’re fun to decorate, fun to plant in, and it looks absolutely adorable to have a patio full of potted plants! Check out these adorable ideas to get some inspiration.

herb spiral

How to Build an Herb Spiral – These are a fantastic way to make the most of a small space, because they are built vertically in a spiral shape. They are beautiful and can be built in such a way that they require very little watering.

gourd birdhouse

buy gourd birdhouses on etsy

Making a Gourd Birdhouse – I grew some gourds last year for the soul purpose of turning them into birdhouses! I haven’t done it yet, but I will let my readers know when I’ve done it! Here is some really useful information about the size of gourd and hole size for specific birds – Gourd Nesting Requirements

Are you planning to do any fun outdoor projects now that it’s Spring? I hope these ideas inspire you and please share with us some of your Spring ideas and activities!

This post was originally written for EcoEtsy here.


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9 thoughts on “Springtime Crafts – Get Outdoors!

  1. Oooohhh, I totally want to try the vertical spiral herb garden!

    • It’s so beautiful!! I’ve seen so many pictures of them online over the years, kind of an obsession of mine that I haven’t turned into a reality yet! Let me know if you go for it, Annie!


  2. LOVE these ideas! I always wanted to make an herbal spiral. Someday, when I own my yard! 🙂

    • I’ve been thinking about making an herb spiral in the apartment garden here where we live. We have a nice little veggie and herb patch here that everyone loves! I think an herb spiral would just make it even nicer and give us more space to work with. And really you can plant anything in the spiral, not just herbs! It could have annual veggies too. Maybe we’ll do it… I’ll definitely write about it if we decide to go for it!

  3. These are really fantastic ideas and the pots look so lovely. Thanks for putting up.

  4. These are all great ideas! Especially loving the flower pots. Thanks for sharing!

    • They are so cute! These beautiful tutorials have definitely inspired me to get crafty! 🙂 We recently had a cold front come through so I’m waiting for a warm day to sit outside painting pots and birdhouse gourds.

  5. Love this herb spiral! I will find a spot in my garden and make one! tahnks for sharing 🙂

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