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Do you trade / barter?


Money is not necessary for a person to live a healthy, happy life. How do I know this? I’ve lived a life where I traveled from place to place never spending a dime on transportation or food. I worked for everything I got, don’t get me wrong. We mutually helped eachother with something we needed in every situation and all my thoughts became reality. This is still true. I live in different times now where money is necessary in certain instances, but I create that reality.

Truly, all we need is a tool to achieve what we are looking for. Money is a tool, a means to get something that we want or need. It is also a tool that very powerful people use to enslave the masses into submission… but that’s a whole other story. Today I ask you – what do you have to offer? What can you give someone in exchange for what you need? And what is it that you need to survive?


I recently made a trade with Annie from MontanaSolarCreations. In exchange for the headband above, she is giving me 2 handmade cloth diapers for our future baby!


Adorable diaper!!

On many occasions I have traveled to farms that need seasonal help with this and that. Carlos and I spent one week on a farm a few hours from here. We helped them build a new pig pen for their baby piglets, we did lots of canning, harvested veggies, and slaughtered many animals while there. In exchange for our help, we were sent home with 200 pounds of meat, easily. Pork, rabbit, duck, and chicken.

My mom has traded hand-knit scarves in exchange for deer meat from local hunters. I also know some people who trade their work as a groundskeeper in exchange for their work on the house they’re living in. Basically, a person can truly get everything they need through trades and just being open to what it is you want out of life. Law of attraction. You get what you give.

Have you ever traded for something?

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17 thoughts on “Do you trade / barter?

  1. A very good trade indeed!

  2. As you said, money isn’t the real issue and it IS a good way to BARTER ACCURATELY. The problem comes with greed, abuse, scams, hoarding, “the system.” One solution is to educate people to spend their money only in ethical ways, to change where the money is going. For example if everyone switched to green energy companies, where does that leave the oil business? If everyone avoided genetically engineered foods, where does that leave GMOs? All problems need a HOLISTIC solution, a redesign of the way we live, starting with a blank sheet. I’m going to be writing a lot about this in the future, and hopefully joining with like minds. I have just set up a new website at Please come and join in! Mike.

    • I love your thinking and whole heartedly agree with you. Money can be a totally effective tool that should be spent wisely on people and companies that we know and respect. I purchase a good 75% of the food for my family from local farmers who I know personally. The entire big ag system would crumble if everyone did this, and honestly I think it’s going to happen soon.. People want to know and support their community and live locally. We are figuring out it’s not that hard to do. Getting to know the community also opens the door for bartering because you begin to develop a relationship, a friendship, with these folks. I’ll go check out your site now, thanks for sharing it!

      • Yes it is beginning to happen, organic food for example is growing, and permaculture is spreading as an idea. And it’s about consciousness too — I mean why are you the way you are, kind of ahead of the game? Consciousness. So when people SEE like you, and BE like you, they will DO like you. I will be writing a BIG article soon about what we need to do to fill in that blank sheet, so once it’s done, maybe we can work together on filling in the details, and figure out the transitions. I think we need an awesome vision to inspire people to join it. People are getting very sick and tired of being a slave to the system and the need to earn money just to put a roof over their heads.

      • I would love to help you out with details and such. I’m self employed and always open to new awareness raising projects! So glad you found my blog, Mike. I’m following yours now because I’m very interested to see your ideas roll out. Have you read the book Robin Hood? I’m reading it now and it is so wild how similar the world is right now. People are still being controlled and scared into obedience… but it’s true that folks are waking up and wanting to take their life into their own hands! I’m talking to a gal right now who wants to stop seeing her doctor to cure her dermatitis and is asking me how to naturally cure it…

  3. Oh that’s wonderful, so yeah, let’s work together. I’m going to do this article as I said called “What’s wrong with the world and how to make it awesome” (prov title πŸ™‚ and then use that as a spring-board to further info. Money is one deep root cause of all the evil we see but not because of what money is, but because of a system where we are INDIVIDUALLY responsible for our survival/success. That makes people scam each other, make decisions that they would not make if they did not HAVE to earn money to survive. Anyway, we can get into that. Any condition ending “itis” mean inflammation, so I would suggest your gal corrects lifestyle and diet to an anti-inflammatory one, plus removing anything that isn’t a natural human food — ideally, to be 100% sure of results. My main project is about health at and my website shows the 6 elements we need every day to be healthy. Really, there are a thousand problems with ONE solution — put the CAUSES of health and happiness in pace every day. The solutions are SIMPLE but not easy at first.

    • I’ve pretty much told my gal friend exactly that. She is totally into switching to as much pure food as she can. It’s also very powerful to supplement with living, fermented foods that are full or probiotics. She is on birth control which causes a serious hormone imbalance in women, so I also shared with her natural birth control which means knowing your cycle.. very awesome stuff that I have personal experience with. πŸ™‚

      Wellness is very simple, yet change can be very difficult to embrace for some. Empowerment and love can help people get there.

  4. Yes, the change part is hard. she’s “lucky” (!) to have you to guide her through. I wish all women would get off pills for birth control, it’s pretty insane πŸ™‚

    • It is a crazy idea to play with hormones like that… very traumatic for a woman’s body. Hopefully she decides to try and understand her body to work with it. She is open to the idea and that’s a powerful start!

  5. You have my email address now so if you send me a message, I will get yours and we can chat behind the scenes. I could make you author of Designing Paradise if you like and you can add stuff when you get inspired? I have another gal who is totally into this idea and has been thinking along the same lines. She wants to contribute too… an awareness raising project as you said, but also a place where we can dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I think we could gather some like minds and brainstorm it.

  6. I was having the same conversation with my husband the other day – about money and trading; how in older times, people would trade something or other in exchange of money. Money is necessary to a certain extent (health mostly and in older days when one won’t be able to work). However, it is absolutely necessary not to become greedy, earn the money through honest, hard work, save it instead of becoming materialistic and spend it wisely for local work, organic food, green stuff. Problem is people becoming materialistic and thinking that money and everything thing costly in life will make them happy.

    • I totally agree with you that the real problem lies in the way that people use their money. Money can be an honest way to trade a person for their services or products, but it is never the only way. In this present day, we live in a society that is very institutionalized so people rely more on the system that on themselves. We must give to receive. We gotta help eachother out! So spending money on local efforts that are helpful and sustainable to the environment is a beautiful thing! I myself am a local crafter and the money I earn for what I do helps me provide for my family. The money I make goes to local farms mainly, followed by gas and car insurance which is troubling… by no means is that local or harmonious. What shall we do about this reliance on cars? Perhaps that will be another post or 2 or 3…

  7. OMG, congratulations! I’m such an idiot – didn’t realize you were pregnant! Yay! (And awesome on the trade! Love trades!)

    • Awe thanks Yancy!! πŸ™‚ You are totally not an idiot! You are awesome awesome awesome! Trades are great. πŸ™‚ If you ever wanna trade me something, let me know.

  8. I agree that we as a society need to get back to the barter system, starting in local communities and growing out from there. Even professional skills can be bartered. I do graphic design work for a friend that owns a massage/reiki studio – so I design an ad and she gives me a massage – not a bad deal!

    And on another note, barter is important, but so is simple volunteering. I know you know this, but some don’t seem to understand that you don’t always have to get anything back for your services/hard work besides a feeling of good will! There’s a place for both.

    • Thank you for pointing out that professional services can be bartered! It is so true. I have traded my services on people’s farms and in gardens of local businesses in exchange for food, coffee, and tea. I would love to find a masseuse or chiropractor to trade with!

      You are so right that volunteering is equally important! Giving something you have is incredibly rewarding even if all you get in return is gratitude. πŸ™‚ I volunteer for a local coffee shop in their garden just because I love the owners and what they do for our community. Sometimes I get a tea while I’m there but I do it because I want to. We are also starting a free school in April with the help of many fantastic volunteers! I wrote a blog post about it.. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your comment!

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