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How to Build a Compost Pile


ImageCarlos, my soul partner best friend ever, and myself – We built a super simple, inexpensive, and very effective compost pile today! Cost – $18 and we still have 45 feet of chicken wire left! oh & a bit of manual labor!



< Supplies >

  • chicken wire (We bought a 50 foot roll for $8
  • 2 metal posts (Same aisle as the chicken wire fencing at Lowe’s)
  • hammer
  • wire clippers

Find a nice tucked away place to put your compost pile, but easy access from your kitchen! Hammer the metal posts / stakes into the ground a foot or 2, make sure it isn’t too wobbly.

Then take your chicken wire and make a nice circle shape around the stakes. You can attach the chicken wire to itself by wrapping little pieces of wire. (Oh I just realized how much simpler I could explain this with a video! )

A word about compost. SIMPLICITY . Everything will naturally decompose over time, no matter what it is. Produce, grass, hay, manure, leaves, these things break down so easily! It’s good to have a nice balance of “green stuff” like living things with color (food scraps, fresh cut grass) & “brown stuff” like … things that are brown (hay, leaves). Manure, althought brown, is considered a “green” because it’s more alive… LOTS of bacteria activity, microscopic life. Let’s put it this way.

The more microbes, the more alive it is!




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2 thoughts on “How to Build a Compost Pile

  1. Oh girl, me too! Free soil ammendments – yes please!!

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