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Creating a Perfect Work and Living Space


My partner and I took a bus from our home in the Ozarks of Missouri up north to Des Moines, Iowa where we picked up our new house on wheels! After driving it back to Branson, we got a good rest and the next morning packed up everything we needed to drive south to Texas for the holiday.


We have been living, working, eating, and playing in it for 4 days now and already have learned so much. It is fascinating to me to get something brand new, a totally new house (to us), and make it functional for me. I feel like I’m evolving into a greater being. There is already so much that I know, what works for me, and now I’m making this RV functional.. also inspiring, motivating, loving, and nourishing. These are feelings that make my life rewarding.

What do those words mean to you?
I’ll call them the “5 properties of great space”
// functional… How can I achieve what I need to get done in a simple way?
// inspiring… Does my space speak to me?
// motivating… Do I WANT to get work done?
// loving… Do I feel great about myself and do others come into the space and feel relaxed and at home?
// nourishing… Are my senses feeling right? Do I feel healthy, rested, peaceful, yet excited about life?


What we have done so far –
1. organize – I put everything away in a designated spot into cabinets so nothing is laying out. We drive a lot, so we can’t have stuff flying around our house when we’re on the road.
2. vacuumed – Carlos borrowed one from a friend and it had a very chemical, artificially scented odor coming out of it, so I sprinkled baking soda on the floor to diminish the smell.
3. cleaned the counters – I squirted and rubbed fresh squeezed lemon juice onto the counter, then sprinkled baking soda around. With one of my crochet rags, I wiped them off really well. After that I dropped a few drops of Sandalwood essential oil onto the counters and rubbed them down really well with the rag. This was my favorite part because it made the place smell so wonderful and serene. It also kills bacteria and microbes. Many essential oils have those properties. Baking soda and lemon juice are also anti-microbial.
4. simplified – We got rid of things we don’t need. We only want to have things that we will use and figure out what works best for what. So we through away cleaning agents, took out extra wood, etc.
5. creation!!! – we are constantly having ideas “5 properties of great space”… and growing with our space. I want new curtains, so I’m thinking we can set up branch curtain rods. I want to use the bathroom, but I don’t like plumbing so I’m thinking about having a composting toilet in our RV bathroom. We want to get a solar panel for the roof… It will all happen!

Life is an amazingly fun project!
Peace and prosperity,


Author: regrowroots

I am abundant love, joy, and healer.

2 thoughts on “Creating a Perfect Work and Living Space

  1. What a beautiful and wonderful home x It’s no coincidence that my partner and I are looking at home on wheels x

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