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Rendering Lard, your grandma’s cooking oil

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The story that vegetable oil and cooking spray are healthier for you to use in cooking than good ol’ fashioned bacon grease is, to say the least, a MYTH. It seems to me like the movement to get people using corn oil, soybean oil, and other veggie oils (canola, cottonseed, etc.) comes from BIG AG and CORPORATIONS wanting to make BIG BUCKS while spending very little. They make a crappy product for pennies and then feed the public lies that it’s good for them, that it will lower cholesterol, that it’s good for your heart… all lies.

These oils are all UNsaturated, meaning that they will oxidize and create free radicals in your body when exposed to heat. Have you ever sauteed some meat in cooking oil, later to find that the oil turned brown or even black? This is happening in your body as well. Black is carbon is free radicals.. bad for your body. Certain oils are GREAT to eat raw – olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, etc.. all are great for the body if eaten raw or cooked at low temps. If you are cooking on medium to high temps, it is best to use saturated fats – lard, butter, or coconut oil.

Making lard is super easy! I got 10 pounds of fat from a local farm at the farmers market, from hogs raised on grass and compost scraps mainly. It was super cheap too! I took it home, chopped it into 1-2″ chunks, put them in pyrex cake pans and into the oven on the lowest temp and just let em sizzle overnight. In the morning they still hadn’t cooked all the way down so I put it into a big pot on the stove on low, covered, and finished it that way. After that I had some floating crunchy bits that I strained out and kept for sauces. The rest I put into tupperware to freeze and refrigerate.

Next time I will do it in a crock pot. 🙂

Learn more about the benefits of lard here –

Do you use lard in your kitchen?

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