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A Halloween Flying Carnival



I just walked outside a little while ago and I see these cool dune buggy looking cars flying through the air with parachutes! It was wild… like a carnival in the sky!


There were four of them that kept flying around over my head. Have you ever seen anything like these? I have not and I think they’re pretty dang cool. Life is just fun! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “A Halloween Flying Carnival

  1. We have some guys in our area (SW Michigan) that fly these things around all the time. One guy even gave us aerial photos he took of our property, which was pretty cool. They look like fun, but I always think God please don’t let them run out of gas! lol I found you on Blotanical btw. : )

    • They are so interesting! I was just standing outside watching them and snapping pictures the whole time they were whizzing around. My dad said he’s seen one multiple times on his way to work. I bet they are so much fun to fly around in!

  2. Hi…I’m checking your blog ^^
    I have never seen such a surprisingly amazing peggin like that.
    I live not in near hang glider base though :p

  3. I wouldn’t be brave enough to try that! But I admire people who can!
    Dreamlily from swapbot here 🙂 Great blog!

  4. We call them power parachutes, though I do not know if that is right. I’ve seen a few here in Wisconsin. I’m a swap-bot friend!

  5. Cool! Never see such things before in Singapore! Wonder if it is going to spread some candys over the air? :X

    — cfchai (Swap: Promoting your blog! )

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