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Homage to Spring and Summer


Last night there was a freezing freeze, and many of our plants have wilted and withered away. So today I picked all of our tomatillos and many Reisentraube tomatoes. Still much to do to catch up on the Fall / Winter prep here at our apartment complex. Yes, we have a wonderful garden here where I live in Branson that I am super grateful to be a part of! I started it a couple of years ago when I came to visit my parents and since then it has grown more and more every year. I now also have this wonderful opportunity at JoAnna’s house / the community garden! 🙂 Life is beautiful.

Huge bean plants!

These bean plants grew super huge and covered our bedroom window! It was pretty cool, blocked out the hot summer sun. I learned a lot from them. Next year I will set up a trellis much differently and give each plant more room to grow. I planted FIVE of them, not knowing how much they would like sprawling. I think 2 would have done the trick. And that’s a nice patty pan squash there in the front that eventually got eaten by a squash bug infestation… go to know those little fellas real well this year.

Lovely basil

These lovely ladies have since grown much taller and are now living in our office.

Beautiful mexican marigolds



We had more butterflied than I’ve ever seen! 30 at a time would flutter around our garden from flower to flower. I recently did some really cool math and I figured that from 200 marigold plants, I could attain ONE MILLION seeds. I kid you not.

YUMMY patty pan squash!

Froggy friend

This little fella lived in the bean plant outside our window for much of the spring and summer. It was so cool to sit in our room and watch him catch flies and moths and eat em! Yum.


This awesome turtle came up to our garden and chomped on our squash plants! I was more than happy to share. 🙂 One morning I was sitting in the living room with the door open letting some fresh air in, and then I noticed a sound, like a thump near the door and didn’t see anything. I got up to look for what it was and HELLO this little turtle friend walked right inside the door and was just sitting there looking around! It was incredible. S/he walked right inside our apartment!

Spring showers.

That’s my homage to the beautiful Spring and Summer seasons of 2012. Thank you mother earth! I am eternally grateful!

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4 thoughts on “Homage to Spring and Summer

  1. I just processed your blog on blotanical. Welcome. Just wanted you to know that yours is my favorite type of blog. Variety of topics but all healthy and green. Right up my alley!!!

  2. Welcome to Blotanical! I’m primarily a vegetables and fruits gardener. I grow a few flowers, mostly for the benefit of passing neighbors, since I like to eat, preserve or give away what I grow. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping in to check out my blog! 🙂 We just started a community garden on 1/4 garden and I’m hoping to grow lots and lots of food there. I also have a dream of finding a big piece of land really soon… I’m a dreamer!

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